Why government wants through the local Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) to ban and abolish Dom Mintoff from the public memory of a nation?

The Labour government has joined forces with the local Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) to convince the nation that Dom Mintoff is to be banned abolished and forgotten. This is the start of the “control of information” regime.

Now before I am dragged to the square by the Labour and Nationalist fanatic ideologues so that I am stoned at the square I am going to repeat the same statement again so hopefully this statement gets glued to some grey matter cells:

I am neither a Nationalist nor a Labour supporter. I am not even a floating voter. I do not embrace any ideology either. I study and read everything and then I make my own thoughts and decide the way forward. I had even studied Buddhism Hinduism the return of Maitreya read the Bhagavad Gita and studied the New Age Movement all partially tried and tested and yet when I reached out and touched faith I found myself face to face with Christ waiting for me at the crossroads.

But this is something that those who can’t see the flag creased with wool covering their eyes and blocking their ear-drums can’t fathom: they think that when I am criticising the government I am attacking the Labour supporters; when I am attacking the PN the same Labour supporters turn quiet but am then attacked by the PN supporters. And if I write about other matters I am called crazy by those who are still victims of cultural political societal and worldly conditioning.

Dear Labourites and Nationalists your parties have died long time ago. They are not what they used to be and they are not what they make you think they are. They have become one in their dictatorship of wokeism and liberalism in the army of demon-crats. We need to bring them both down until they joined by other new parties are reformed and untouched by corruption for the good of our nation.

While the dragging to the square continues I would like to inform the nation that I was also born on the 6th of August like Mintoff which I carry with humbled pride. There is something powerful and magical in this number and date considering that it also coincides with the celebration of the Transfiguration of Christ in Lija and I lived in the Telgħa tal-Kurċifiss as a toddler.

Mintoff was sixty years old when I was born albeit my mum says that I should have been born a few weeks later. You can imagine how much my dad who prefers to call himself a Mintoffjan was over the moon when he got to know that his firstborn was born on the day of his much beloved Duminku Mintoff. While growing up they jokingly used to hammer “No wonder you share Mintoff’s birthday. You are short little and stubborn like him!” Dad used to take me to all of Mintoff’s mass meetings and public speeches but I do not have any memory of this as I was too little. But I guess something in his spirit speeches and leadership penetrated my subconscious.

So to have this Communist government dictating to the nation what it is allowed to watch and not on a channel which should belong to the whole nation by scrapping Dom Mintoff TV series with the blatant lie and excuse of “fearing PN backlash” is a no no! No wonder this has procured a lot of backlashes by many even by the Nationalists which I completely acknowledge and understand! And then they used to blame the Nationalists for taking hold of PBS and controlling what is broadcasted! Birds of a feather flock together.

Here are Emanuel Cuschieri’s statements whose programme was also stopped in the regime of “information censorship” in the Communist timeline:

How many would like to bet that probably PBS has scrapped the plans not because of any backlash by the PN but because the PL does not want it to be aired? The PN is being used as an excuse. The truth is that the PL is being veered off the course from the principles of Dom Mintoff hence the banning of the programme. How many would like to bet that probably PBS has scrapped the plans not because of any backlash by the PN but because Mintoff was against abortion?

Any documentary of any Maltese prime minister president or politician should be broadcasted without any political motives.

And thus I am going to start a series of blogs about Dom Mintoff. If any member of the public out there has memories photos footage and information of Mintoff’s merits and demerits which he would like to share you are very welcome either to write a piece yourself or else send all the details to Profs Simon Mercieca even if this is on condition of anonymity which will be respected.

And if someone has this Dom Mintoff scrapped series we kindly ask you to pass it on. This free press will publish it and respect any wish for anonymity.

This is a free press and so the time has come to unite as one free nation and fight the spiritual wickedness in heavenly places. Because while they divide and conquer we unite and serve.

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