Was Covid-19 given to the nations in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games Ceremony?

This time we go back to 1992 and analyse part of the Barcelona Olympic Games ceremony.

Again we had another opening which has nothing to do with sports or at least in this case the Spanish culture.

This part which goes by the title “The Mediterranean Olympic sea” tells the story of the Greek myth of Jason hero and leader of the Argonauts great-grandson of the messenger god Hermes through his mother’s side and his quest for the Golden Fleece on his ship Argo with his crew known as the Argonauts after their ship. The group of heroes included Acastus Admetus Argus Atalanta Augeas Euphemus and Heracles among others.

Here they are travelling to the end of the Mediterranean sea which according to Greek mythology was the gate to the unknown world. In the course of the voyage represented in the Olympic stadium the Argonauts confront the furies that symbolise war (like the conflict between Russia and Ukraine) pollution (for which they bombard us with the climate change) hunger (like the scarcity of food looming over the world) and disease (like allegedly Covid and all ailments caused by the vaccines.)

In this part the sea is represented by cells – body cells? Then suddenly in comes the monster in the form of the Covid-19 virus which is made up of skeletons and bodies. The monster/virus tries to attack the ship just like it was allegedly stated that the virus attacked people and their cells.
Suddenly a black thing with black tentacles attacks the ship. Now this is also a creature in Greek mythology known as the Lernean Hydra which whenever one of its head is cut off two more heads would emerge from the fresh wound. The destruction of the Lernean Hydra became one of the 12 Labours of Heracles.

According to K. J. Osborne this represents hydra vulgaris a parasite and a real freshwater organism which is said to be present in the Covid-19 vaccines. Dr Carrie Madej an osteopath has studied the vaccines and recorded images of a “tentacled creature” that looks like the hydra vulgaris using a microscope. Hydra vulgaris has the capacity to regenerate and to never die. Hence it is “immortal”. If it is truly present in the Covid-19 vaccines does this deduce that it stays in the bloodstream forever?



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Then a “bull horn” is dragged in. Is “his majesty with two horns” in again? Is this all another Satanic ritual? Is this all part of a diabolical plan like Covid-19?

If we take all this as symbolic can we say that the ship is the people’s body which is trying to safeguard itself from the Covid-19 virus and its ingredients like the Hydra vulgaris?

So thirty years ago we had another odd dark sinister belligerent display which has nothing to do with a peaceful and friendly world sports meet. Why didn’t the media explain back then? Isn’t this sick and questionable?

Should this be a choreography in an Olympic opening?  Why wasn’t there any scenes of joy and colour?

Was this all a premonition for 2020 but which they try to make you believe that a bat soup is responsible?

The Illuminati Masonic Elite like to stick it in our faces so to then see our reactions when it becomes reality.

The future is written in history.

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