The 2017 ceremony of Gotthard Base Tunnel – was it packed with signs and symbols from the Illuminati Elite? (3)

Then three spooky spirits dressed in white appear. Are they the spirits of the men who hanged themselves? Notice the all seeing eye on the screen. Underneath a group of followers grab their long horns and start playing. Then Satan returns. So could it be that this explains why the second part was played outside? Does this mean that Satan has left hell (represented by the tunnel) and is now outside – in our world summoned by the Elite their puppets and evil doers in the world?

The demonic creatures come through again and those three men who were turned into three spirits now seem to have reincarnated into three scarabs. Why is ancient Egyptian iconography present here? Some believe it’s a direct reference to the connection with Egyptian iconography of the Elite. Why the birth? Why the three spirits? Why the sacrifice? How does any of that fit into the story? It does not. There is really only one conclusion that can be arrived at – it is not some benign abstract art but it is what you see. It is the influence by dark forces in end times.

On showing us these three scarabs there comes the bearded face on the screen. The bearded revolutionary rebel is symbolic of Baphomet who also has a beard. Some think that this is the face of Christ being taken over by Satan or Baphomet.

The goat man or Satan then proceeds to have sex with a fallen angel or a woman and then it is just chaos again. A woman starts singing for Satan and his new followers start bringing upside down tree offerings again.

As a side-note it is beneficial to introduce you to the late British satanist Aleister Crowley and his adoption of the hermaphrodite horned goat-god Baphomet. Crowley certainly knew who Baphomet represents as is shown in his book “Magic in Theory and Practice”:

“This serpent Satan is not the enemy of man…. He is ‘The Devil’ of the (Egyptian) Book of Thoth and his emblem is ‘Baphomet’ the Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection… But moreover his letter is Ayin the Eye; he is Light and his zodiacal image is Capricornus that leaping goat whose attribute is liberty.”

Also in the biblical Book of Daniel the “he goat” is prophesized. In 8:8-22 which symbolically pictures a great world leader in the last days as a “he goat” it is said that this “he goat” becomes very strong and his power is symbolised by a horn that arises from his forehead. This strange and evil creature makes war on the host of God and stamps upon them.

So can we deduce that the “he goat” in this ceremony is apart from referring to Satan is also referring to the antichrist who will take over the world and become a world leader because he deceives nations to be the opposite of what he truly is?

We also get a number of dancers dressed in clowns – a clown world? Or are they mocking us?

Then we have an enigmatic part which might symbolise materialism or the arrival of a new world order; or the distancing of humanity from nature or from living harmoniously with nature.

Then Satan’s bride enters the stage with a pregnant belly and another young goat-headed man and this becomes a mess of chaotic representation of a modern world. They even put big political heads in suits and walk them down the aisle that Satan was on. Do the Elite want to let us know that they corrupt politicians and that politicians work hand in hand with them to control us all and bring over the chaos?

Another thing that is striking is time spinning out of control. Is this a reminiscence of Roman celebrations or depictions of ancient civilisations that predicted the future to be an evil materialistically driven chaotic one where people will lose touch with themselves so much that they can no longer think for themselves and are led by evil without even realising it had won them over? Or is it the Elite telling us that time is running out for us? Can’t we say that the world has been on one hell of a downward spiral since this ritual?

“And because lawlessness will be increased the love of many will grow cold” – Matthew 24:12.

In the end everyone is happy celebrating the tunnel and thus goes home because it seems that the people are happy with how the world has become.
The Elite are getting bolder and bolder. Can people see that something very dark and sinister is gaining more control? Aren’t they showing us who they worship and what they are doing?

Dismiss what you want. You can laugh and say that Satan and demons do not exist. But they do and whatever you think does not matter for them.

Wasn’t this utterly disturbing and weird just to celebrate the opening of a tunnel?

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