The World Government Summit and the European Central Bank are all for the Elitist bankers.

Digital money was discussed in this year World Government Summit held in Dubai by Dr Pippa Mamlgren.

Dr Pippa Malmgren was a non-executive board member of the Department for International Trade. Dr Malmgren is the founder of DRPM Group which helps clients better anticipate trends in the world economy. Pippa is also: the co-founder of H Robotics a company which produces aerial platform drones for commercial firms.

Her speech was thus:

“What underpins a World Order is the financial system. And what we’re seeing in the world today I think is we are on the brink of a dramatic change that we are about to and I say this boldly we’re about to abandon the traditional system of money and accounting and introducing a new one. And the new one the new accounting is what we call blockchain. It means digital. It means having an almost perfect record of every single transaction that happens in every economy which will give us far further clarity over what’s going on. It also raises huge danger in terms of balance and power between states and citizens. In my opinion we are going to need a digital Constitution of Human Rights. But also this new money will be sovereign in nature. Most people think that digital money is crypto and private. But what I see are superpowers introducing digital currency. The Chinese were the first; the U.S. is on the brink of moving int he same direction; the Europeans have committed to that as well.”

Well I do not remember committing myself to this kind of digital money. Do you?

Also we had Christine Lagarde who is the chief of the European Central Bank (ECB) saying that she does not like seeing a new period of “free banking” due to cryptocurrencies and that CBDC are needed to maintain the role of central banks while she attended an online panel hosted by the Bank of France alongside the Federal Reserve’s Jerome Powell last September. While referring to historical examples where the Central Bank was not there she continued to reaffirm the point that it was this that precipitated in crisis after crisis adding that “We stand for the bankers”.

This means that they stand for the Elitist family of bankers – the Rothschild and their dynasty.

This is all pointing towards the disappearance of cash of the New World Order if we allow it. The use of cash will be prevented like in Germany for which a fully trackable digital currency will take place so that total control over the people is exercised.

Shall you offer dissent from the imposed rulers all your economic resources will be blocked with a click drying you until you obey.

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