The Permanent Representatives Committee in the EU has put a cash cap on large cash payments.

The state of deception which draws its power from Nazi Propaganda has turned from their Nazi slogan of “Arbeit macht frei” to “Digital macht frei”.
The German Federal Cabinet decided on October 26 2022: the new cash ban law is coming.[1]

The legislation is known as the Sanctions Enforcement Act II. At first glance it appears to be yet another law enforcing EU sanctions against Russia in connection with the Ukraine conflict. This law however includes a further step toward the abolition of cash which after being approved by the same cabinet will enter into force on January 1st 2023 if a resolution is passed by the Bundestag and Bendesrat.

Besides being a significant step toward the abolition of cash they tell you that it will give maximum law transparency. Just like our government and Curia are making you believe that they are all for transparency by massacring Fr Luke Seguna so to make the FIAU believe that Malta is cleaning its stables from the corrupt who flush their money in heavenly places.

In Germany this means that notaries will no longer certify real estate contracts if the purchase price is paid in cash gold or cryptocurrency.
“Cash already has a dubious reputation. In this way craftsmen can only deduct invoices for tax purposes if they are not paid in cash. Cash-intensive businesses such as restaurants snack bars car repair shops hairdressers and many others have long been under general suspicion at the tax office.”
Additional plans are already in the works. The Federal Ministry of Economics intends to establish a database of real estate transactions. The goal is to create a digital connection between the land registry and the transparency register. This allows you to see which company owns which property at any time.

It’s possible that this is only the first step. On the agenda is the creation of a digital link between the land registry and the residents’ registration office. Then at any time it is possible to determine which citizens own which properties in Germany. Because while Germany decided to go for this total cash ban in their new Nazi regime upgrade even though Christian Lindner (FDP) had stated that cash is also an expression of privacy and data protection which it is still banning it had the liberty to oppose the cash cap that the Permanent Representatives Committee in Brussels has agreed upon on 7th December.

This cash cap makes large cash payments over 10 000 euros impossible in their new anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering legislation.


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