The 2017 ceremony of Gotthard Base Tunnel – was it packed with signs and symbols from the Illuminati Elite? (2)

Then another card is rolled in what people refer to demonic creatures and then with them there is a goat man who typically represents Satan in ancient scribbles. Notice that he is wearing two horns and he walks strangely while laughing in a very loud and spooky way. This goat is then worshipped and people dressed in black start getting it offerings – a lamb (wasn’t Christ known as the lamb?) and upside down trees. Do these symbolize an upside down cross or the tree of death? Was this a depiction of hell or a dark world? Is it a Baphomet ceremony or a Baphomet parade? Why are some carrying animal sculls? Why are there people wearing “two horns” or carrying “two horns”? “His majesty with two horns”?
Then a man gets on stage and sings and speaks in gibberish as if he’s calling for Satan and Satan does respond. Then this man sits down and watches everyone around him celebrating – celebrating what? The opening of the tunnel or the arrival of Satan?

Or is it a way for the Elite to show us how they divert the energy of the gentiles into distractions of celebrations while they take over the systems of power and do Satanic rituals?

In come the red lights – do these represent a blood sacrifice? Then a severed head of a woman is brought forth lifted above the dancers. The red silk that falls from her head seems to represent that she was decapitated and thus the pouring blood. This head is then put on a body of a woman and the first train makes its way through the tunnel. “The woman (riding the beast) drunk with the blood of the saints” (Rev 17:6).

What followed was played outside – so first everyone was made to sit down inside the tunnel for half of the performance and then to have everyone move outside to complete it – isn’t this a lot of effort over a tunnel opening ceremony? (Kindly note that here the footage interrupts so to show you the world leaders talking on the train. Then the footage resumes with the ceremony.)

Once outside again we have a large group of construction workers walking in the days as though they are again being controlled by the music. Or is it the way for the Elite to show us that they control the people? They make their way up to a platform where a giant screen sits. Once on it they start climbing up the wall and removing rock to form this tunnel. Some have speculated that this was the rock of Christ.

Could it be that instead of celebrating the opening of a tunnel they are mocking Christ while opening a portal while they perform this ritualistic dance in order to open it up?

Another thing that some noted was that as the tunnel/portal opened up the workers started removing the clothes which could symbolize a corruption of their minds like right or wrong do not exist or that they are going mad. The more they open this portal the crazier they became. Here notice the black hole opening up and closing while going round on the screen.

When the music takes over again the people seem hypnotized and controlled.

Then we get like some sort of voluntary human sacrifice – three men climb up into the tunnel and hang themselves until they are dead. The screen then shows us the three workers being hurled down the tunnel as these giant demonic hands grab at them with a kind of music which also sets the tone for all of this.

Isn’t it mind blowing how well was everything organised?

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