SMASH TV is ready to air the banned documentary on Dom Mintoff’s political life and career.

Emanuel Cuschieri has put up the following post on his page:

I was pleased to read that the right to watch such a documentary which the government thought could take away from the public has created a strong opposing movement.

Apart from knowing deep down as to why the PL did not want to air this documentary at the end of the day this is not about Dom Mintoff only.
This is about control of information.

This is about censorship.

This time it was a Dom Mintoff documentary. Next time it will be a book a phrase a thought an opinion an account a website and any kind of journalism that does not fit the narrative of the government. We have already seen how no opposing opinion could be voiced out during Covid-19. One had either to endorse the narrative or else one could not speak out.

We already have Facebook restricting accounts or permanently deleting them. It also removes any posts which challenge the narrative. We do not need the government to join forces.

The only way is push back.

Hence I was pleased to read such a post. The thank you goes to Emanuel Cuschieri and to Joe Baldacchino.

Dear government like the saying in Maltese goes “Fuq tlieta toqgħod il-borma!”

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