Is abortion being pushed in order to use foetal cells to harvest organs for medical transplants?

Abortion has never been about women’s health as they want to make you swallow or about any other excuse they give you.
Behind this murder and anti-life regime there are filthy money making motives among which we find the foetus trafficking crime as already tackled in another piece and now we have another latest update: using foetal cells to harvest organs for medical transplants.[1]

The Business Insider reported that an Israeli biotechnology company called Renewal Bio wants to repeat a recent experiment that successfully used stem cellsto create an artificial mouse embryo but this time using human cells. According to a medical insider stem cells should also be open to debate because they might also be foetal cells.

Being the first time as a successful completion in its processing according to a paper published in the journal “Cell” in August “scientists at Weizmann’s Molecular Genetics Department grew ‘synthetic mouse embryos’ in a jar without the use of sperm eggs or a womb.” Scientists saw that the artificial embryos had an intestinal tract a neural tube a beating heart blood circulation and the beginnings of a brain. Following the success of the mouse experiment Jacob Hanna who led the experiment state that he is attempting to reproduce the findings using human cells including his own. In a statement he said: “The embryo is the best organ-making machine and the best 3D bioprinter — we tried to emulate what it does.”

But other scientists say that it will take more research before synthetic human embryos are within reach. Renewal Bio wants to use this science for organ tissue transplants that could solve infertility genetic diseases and issues related to old age. For example the MIT Technology Review reported that blood cells from the embryocould potentially be used to help boost immunocompromised systems.

The acting CEO of Renewal Bio Omri Amirav-Drory told the MIT Technology Review that while Hanna’s experiment was “amazing ” the company did not want to “overpromise” or terrify people with the potential technology.

According to a 2017 paper published in the journal eLife the use of human embryo clones for research has frequently sparked ethical questions within the scientific community including the possibility that artificial embryos might feel pain or have sentience.
Hanna stated “that he could potentially get around these ethical concerns by creating synthetic human embryos with ‘no lungs no heart or no brain.’”

Big Pharma keeps on playing God.

And what they don’t tell you is that foetal cells from aborted babies have been used by the godless scientific laboratories to produce “medical breakthroughs” and that now the same foetal cells will be unethically used in these “synthetic human embryos” experiments in order to harvest organs for medical transplants in order to make you think that their science has saved your life after the same science has used cells from killed lives.
Clearly for them the end always justifies the means no?


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