This free press has been informing the public about many agendas albeit having all the wind blowing against it.

In 2020 it has informed you that Covid-19 is not truly what it is being portrayed to be. In 2022 it was rebranded as the flu.

In 2020 it has informed you that a deadly Covid-19 protocol is killing patients at hospital. This protocol involved the use of the ventilator, the use of toxic Remdesevir, and the use of a deadly concoction of unneeded intravenous medication. In 2021 the same WHO issued a statement saying that Remdesevir is not an adequate treatment and is to be suspended for Covid-19 patients after the same WHO allowed it and now even more doctors are speaking out about this nefarious agenda.

[“In my hospital they wouldn’t let me use vitamin C…they wanted me to use Remdesivir…… increases your risk of kidney failure 20 fold….The federal government will give hospitals a 20% bonus if you prescribe this toxic medication.” Dr Paul Marik speaks at the— Rebel51 (@Polkadot51) December 9 2022]

This statement of Dr Paul Marik validates why my father started suffering from kidney failure and why when I asked if my father was being administered Vitamin C, I was told “We are not allowed to use it” to “It is very expensive” to “We will see if we have in stock” to “We don’t have it”. I am still waiting for Dr Fearne to give me answers two years later from the scientific pulpit of the checkered lodges of Big Pharma Inc & Co et al.
I also remind the public, the nation, Fearne, the government and the world that I am in possession of a golden file with all the details.

In 2020 this free press has questioned the bogus PCR test. More news is coming up proving that this PCR test was corrupted in order to be utilised in a bogus way:

In 2020 this free press has warned you about the perils of wearing the mask. In 2022 another study has confirmed this:

In 2021 this free press has warned you of inflation. Now in 2022 you are witnessing yourselves that everything has increased in price but instead of blaming Covid-19 and its Great Reset agenda they blame Putin.

In 2021 this free press has warned you of the Great Reset and this was verified by ex-minister Evarist Bartolo in 2022.

In 2021 this free press has warned you that the world is being deprived of gas food and energy on purpose so that people freeze and starve. This is happening abroad and slowly will creep itself here in one way or another.

In 2021 this free press has warned you about microchipping. In 2022 this has been endorsed by the local mainstream media and was also promoted by Gadgets’ presenter after doing it himself.

In 2021 this free press has warned you about Agenda 2030 and its covert implications and now in 2022 you have seen how this government has endorsed it.

In 2022 this free press has asked if this government is paving the way for abortion and even given you tangible proof and now you are witnessing that the government is truly paving the way for abortion.

This site has also been warning you about how the leftists, the liberal, and the woke which are truly commanding and pushing their agendas with some doing it behind the scene and others doing it at the frontline for a long time. And now you are witnessing the climax of all this.

This site is also guiding you to the Elite, the Illuminati, and Freemasons – architects of the Deep State and how they have been working on the chaos we are going through right now for many many years throughout history,  through bloodlines and fraternities. This site will keep on exposing them and their agenda. “When the masonic infiltration is complete at every tier of society they will strike back and murder and evil doing is done with impunity in broad daylight and goes unpunished.” We are at this stage.

And we will continue to give you latest updates and expose other agendas some of which were just touched upon already but which will be dealt with in more detail. Until all those who want to wake up, will wake up we will continue to fight for you.

In 2021 this free press has warned you that Covid-19 vaccines are lethal. We have kept on giving you proof of this via various testimonials and even medical studies which albeit being controlled opposition have validated this proof.

So what makes you think that we are even lying about Covid-19 vaccines?

“In a world of lies and liars an honest work of art is always an act of social responsibility” – Robert McKee.

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