From advocating late-term abortion to infanticide the radical left is now pushing for anti-natalism in their anti-life campaign of the “Stop Having Kids” movement.

Another latest trend in this crazy world we are living in is the godlessness of the “Stop Having Kids” movement.[1]

“Stop Having Kids” is the namesake of a new activist group out of Portland Oregon. It is also the culprit behind billboards and signage around the city to push such an agenda with key messages like “A lot of humans wish they were never born” “Normalize anti-natalism” “Join the vasectomy club” “More humans = more problems” and “Life may be worth continuing but is it worth starting?”

What a bunch of busybodies of the radical left in their anti-life campaign which has grown more extreme throughout the years from advocating late-term abortion to infanticide to anti-natalism which might be the last curtain falling on the “pro-women’s health” façade.

“It’s not enough for women to just slaughter their unborn children in the womb — the left wants you to stop having kids altogether.”
But why don’t they allow to live and let live? There are people who want to have children and there are people who choose not to. There are small families with one child while there are larger families with four children or even more! Why can’t these extremists just allow society to be?

This group is exactly what you would expect it to be: a pro-abortion anti-natalist nihilist feminist climate alarmist assembly of radicals which asserts that “it is a moral imperative” that they “minimize and prevent” as many new lives as possible.

In fact they advocate having less kids is eco-friendly and will help in your carbon footprint:

Their website reads as follows:
“Anti–natalists consider human reproduction (besides some exceptions such as force) an irreversible unnecessary indefensible and enduring form of harm regardless of circumstances situations or consciousness in living. Anti–natalists seek to radically reduce suffering and environmental destruction in the world. Refrainment from creating new life is the most efficient and effective means of minimizing suffering for all current and future sentient beings….Nobody can have a child for the child’s sake because in non-existence there’s no desire to exist or ability to consent to existence.”

Stop Having Kids makes the case that in light of the suffering and devastation in the world we ought to stop starting families and having kids. Their list of sufferings includes ironically “eternal dissatisfaction” and “risking Hell ” as well as sexual violence freedom losses invasions of privacy the climate crisis scarcity and birth defects.

This is what a theistic worldview yields: rotten fruit.

And what bugs me is that humanity blames God. And where is “his majesty with two horns”? Having a refreshing drink so to quench his thirst through the continuous fire around him?

The absence of God always reveals a faulty understanding of the world we live in and it always brings about destruction. Godlessness which puts your faith in your own human abilities rather than God’s is a foolish rededication of worship from the Creator to the creation. You are inevitably sent on a vicious never-ending cycle to find fulfillment because godlessness trades the truth of God for a lie and this cycle only leads to more suffering and more devastation.

Yes Stop Having Kids is right to point out that there is pain in the world. But Stop Having Kids places the blame on image-bearers rather than blaming sin which is the real issue. Their suggested course of action to prevent death and destruction is to completely eradicate human existence which can only result in even more death and destruction.

And the more group activists like these are going to keep on advocating abortion infanticide the destruction of the traditional nucleus family and anti-natalism the more they are going to bring a curse on the world because the “solutions” they are advocating are mere “deadly solutions” to a world which must be asking what the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche declared in his 1882 work “The Gay Science”:

“God remains dead. And we have killed him. “How shall we comfort ourselves the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us?”


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