For Fearne the embryo is just “8 cells” which he still finds valuable in the money-making industry of Big Pharma Inc & Co et al.

I would like to take the public back to 2019 when ex-Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Deputy Prime Minister and Health minister Chris Fearne dictated to us that it is time that abortion becomes a topic of discussion on their national agenda:

Fearne had said that any subject that is part of the agenda should be discussed in a healthy and mature way. Well it is not even being discussed. It is being bypassed through a nefarious agenda against the will of the majority while discussed in a profitable and lobbying way. There is nothing to discuss about abortion. It is a crime. It is murder. You are either in favour of life or in favour of murder. There is no saintly position in between.
This statement by Fearne happened to be stated the day after ex-Prime Minister Joseph Muscat talked about abortion in the same way as Fearne did because they are experts in parroting any topic which they discuss behind closed doors.

Muscat is on record saying that abortion will never be a local topic in the country. While being interviewed by John Bundy back then Muscat had emotionally stated that one of the few instances in which he had cried was when his wife had unfortunately lost their child. Fast forward to a few years ago and we had a Muscat no longer a Prime Minister who is on record while being interviewed by Mark Laurence Zammit on the national channel stating that if one of his daughters ends up pregnant and does not want to keep the child he will help his daughter commit a crime.

Muscat’s statement was “Suġġett importanti ħafna li l-poplu jimmeritah li jiddiskutieh b’mod sobreju mingħajr ma noqogħdu nagħmlu sterjotipi.” [A very important subject which the nation merits to have discussed with sobriety without resorting to stereotypes.]

Their play with words amazes me as to how they manage to insult our spiritual emotional and cognitive intelligence.

In comes again the mouthpiece of scientific reason from the checkered lodges of Big Pharma Inc & Co et al which downgrades the foetus to just “8 cells” in the city assemblage:

“L-embrijun huwa 8 ċelloli. L-embrijun ta’ tliet ijiem meta jitpoġġa huwa tmien ċelloli. Ħalli npoġġuha in context. Embrijun huwa tmien ċelloli .”
These “eight cells” must be worth loads of chips and notes then since they are being used by all those who want to break the Criminal Code and fill their pockets with billions of chips and notes to turn Malta into a money-making industry of Big Pharma Inc & Co et al.

Fast forward to 12th December 2022 and the same mouthpiece thinks that we can be ordered what to think accept and not accept. According to Fearne this abortion amendment is “not just necessary for medical reasons… but it’s also the right thing to do” while informing us that we the pro life are accusing him and the government of introducing abortion through the back-door. In other words he is discrediting your intelligence.

Because Communism has you line up on the conveyor belts so that it opens your head open wide washes it and fills it up with propaganda and indoctrination. Once you are done and ready to go you are ready to tell the Communist government “I agree with all you say and do.”
Fearne also wants to make us believe that he and other doctors [of choice?] were surprised to discover that Article 243 of the Criminal Code offered no exceptions to abortion and that coincidentally thanks to Andrea Prudente case this summer they “discovered that the law does not allow for any exceptions: even in cases where the mother’s life is in danger; and even when the mother does want to have the baby… but because of pregnancy complications it is not possible to save both the mother and the baby.”

For those of us who are allergic to bullshit we should start yearning for the return of the mask so that less bullshit comes out of the mouths of the advocates of Big Pharma Inc & Co et al.

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