The media is blaming an outbreak of varroa mites for the rising food prices in Australia.

On 11th October the Australian media reported that due to an infestation of varroa mites grocery prices will be impacted.[1]
Thus the media is now blaming an outbreak of varroa mites and warning shoppers about the rising food prices in Australia as beekeepers are learning to live with the varroa mites’ infestation. In addition according to the media these varroa mites kill and spread viruses to European honeybees.
Due to this alleged varroa mites outbreak sadly “over 12 000 honeybee hives have been destroyed since the mite was detected at the Port of Newcastle in June” whose first 100 days had an impact on the economy of over $63 million.

Varroa mites are tiny red-brown external parasites of honeybees. Is this another coincidence that we have another alleged outbreak in the animal kingdom? We all know how honeybees are very important in the ecology system since they pollinate plants meaning that they carry pollen between plants of different sexes to fertilise them or even between different parts of the same plant which help plants reproduce.  Bees also help plants survive by preventing inbreeding. Honeybees also act as highly efficient pollinators of our food crops as well as wild flora. In a nutshell they are needed to keep the crops and earth healthy.

Moreover believe it or not honeybees are also big money makers for agriculture since being social and hardworking insects they produce honey pollen royal jelly beeswax and propolis (the miraculous product in liquid form which healed my dad’s lungs when in ITU when we were told that there is no way that his ventilator severely damaged lungs would recover which would make my dad unable to regain his life again since he could not be weaned off the ventilator and have it permanently removed. I remind the readers that my dad was attached to the ventilator via a pipe that went out of an incision in his neck which was made after the foreign doctor advised our local doctors to do such an incision via an operation so that his lungs can breathe because the ventilator was depriving my dad of oxygen).

Unfortunately the world has been witnessing the number of honeybees decline by the billions and if this is going to continue the ecosystem will end up messed up and in havoc.

Now the question lies in: why is the Australian government blaming such an outbreak for the food prices in Australia instead of pointing at Covid-19 and its Great Reset Agenda? Don’t we know that there are natural treatments for varroa mites like using and applying mint and thyme oils? If such oils are used the mites will fall off from the body of the bees and as long as such oils are kept free of chemicals they are very safe to spray even on the bees. And the bees and their beehives won’t be destroyed either!

Why aren’t natural treatments which come at a very cheap cost used? Why do we have to go with culling or spraying harmful chemicals?
And what has all this to do with the rising food prices in Australia when we all know that the culprit is Covid-19 and its Great Reset Agenda?


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