People are now being scanned at some airports for visible Luciferase proof of their Covid-19 vaccine status.

Neither the mainstream media nor the alternative media is reporting that people are being scanned at some airports for visible luciferase proof of their Covid-19 vaccine with a new technology that for sure has not been invented this quickly.

If someone is caught with a fake vaccine pass he is fined and is not allowed to board the connecting flight home until he is forced vaccinated at the same airport.

This recent footage shows a discussion with Veteran American Refugee Maverick Artist Victor Hugo in the Republic of Georgia (Former Soviet Union) who has first-hand accounts from six of his friends who were trying to get back home since the pandemic and were scanned at the airports for luciferase and forcibly injected.

The luciferase which is a real ingredient in the Covid-19 vaccines is lighting up in people’s foreheads arms (at the injection sites) and hands emanating from their bodies when they are scanned at the airports which shows proof of their vaccination status. So far this is not in all airports. It is being used in some foreign airports especially in interconnecting flights. Will it become a reality worldwide?

The footages below are videos of people who were vaccinated and whose body lightens up when they put a black light on their bodies; some PCR tests are also glowing from the luciferase and an actual cover of the scanning technology being used at the airports where you can see for yourself with your own eyes how people’s bodies are being scanned.

Former Navy Tech and Engineer Tivon Rivers also describes and explains this kind of technology that is being implemented and backs up his facts with studies and patents.

The video can be watched here:

Once they combine the Digital ID with the vaccination status many people who refuse to comply will not be able to fly anymore or will not be able to fly in any way that they were used to.

And here is another footage explaining why ordinary people won’t be able to fly by 2025 while by 2030 ordinary people will not have the right to fly at all.

This is an explicit target-driven strategy pushed at some global level as part of the New World Order.

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