Making deals with the non-vaccinated seems not to be the best of ideas when “sudden illness” is the worst side-effect of all.

Thirty-four-year-old Daniele Ciolli was a staunch supporter of the vaccine bragging on social media about receiving four doses in seven months with no side effects.

On 29th December 2021 thirty-four-year-old Daniele Ciolli’s tweet read:

“Just call me vaccinoman at this point…..That is 4 vaccinations in 7 months (one flu shot) and 0 side effects but nothing of anything oh!
At this point I’m offering myself to the novax (non-vaccinated) to get vaccinated instead 100 each and I’ll become a millionaire.”

Sadly Daniele Ciolli didn’t make his dream of becoming a millionaire true. His death was announced by the Italian media portals on 4th October 2022 where the usual “sudden illness” was given as the cause of his death by the same media.[1]Ciolli died while in a meeting to the shock of all those present in the assembly of “Alternativa per Piacenza” (APP) at the Trieste 35 Theatre.

Daniele Ciolli was an activist for the rights of disabled people and was a candidate in the ranks of Alternativa per Piacenza.  His civil funeral took place on Wednesday 5thOctober in Piacenza.


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