How the approval of the abnormal phenomena of gender brainwashing and sexualization is gaining threatening momentum.

Gender brainwashing and sexualization and the approval of such abnormal phenomena are gaining threatening momentum because even people who are aware of the idiocy of the situation cannot clearly object to what is happening.

Corporate media crazy leftists and the Internet will band together like hyenas and simply destroy anyone for being intolerant of minorities and infringing on the rights of those who are different from you.

The encouragement of this absurdity is occurring at all levels. Apple has recently introduced corresponding new emojis portraying men as being pregnant causing a wave of outrage among many users but everything quickly subsided.  This is what I call “the feminization of the masculine”:

And couldn’t hold back but being part of this liberal trend of the much more of the same liberal local media when it published an article entitled “Koppja transgender kellhom tarbija b’mod naturali fejn welled ir-raġel! – is-sbuħija ta’ familji differenti.” [A transgender couple had a baby in a natural way where the man gave birth – the beauty of different families.]

And then we have another story of Bennett Kaspar-Williams another transgender man who gave birth and slammed nurses and medical staff for calling him “mum”:

And then we have the “masculinization of the feminine.” Biological males are not only competing in female sports competitions at times grabbing the titles but lately we had the first transgender title holder in the one-hundred-year history of Miss America where a biological teen male won “Miss Greater Derry” which is a beauty pageant in New Hampshire under the “Miss America” organization:

If they cannot produce a child from an ova in their ovaries in a womb then they are men.

And coincidentally since we are talking about beauty pageants a transgender activist has just bought Miss Universe Organization for $20 million.

And then we have fashion:

And then they set up Rainbow Clubs in middle schools like the below shows in a school in Vista CA where they go through extreme lengths to find loopholes so that they can indoctrinate your children without your consent and knowledge:

It’s frightening to think about where we’ll be in five years if this propaganda continues to dominate once people start accepting this as normal.

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