G7 Summit in Germany this year proved to be an anti-Christian cult but none of the local media portals reported the removal of a historic crucifix from the meeting hall.

In the historic Peace Hall in Munster Germany there lies a 482-year-old council cross.  This Hall was the site of the invocation of the Spanish-Dutch Peace – part of the Peace of Westphalia – in 1648 and the cross was part of the hall’s permanent inventory.

However ahead of the meeting of the G7 foreign ministers which met in this town hall Germany’s foreign office led by Green Party’s Baerbock had this cross removed for the duration of the summit on Baerbock’s order.[1]

So while the foreign ministers of the most important countries in the world were there the Christian symbol of God was not. And clearly none of them objected. This 2022 summit was the first summit for German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. It was also the last summit for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

What do the Greens have against the Christian symbols against Christianity and against God? On 9thApril the green culture officer Claudia Roth sparked outrage when she proposed erasing Bible quotes from the dome of the Berlin City Palace and replacing them with other texts. According to their bizarre ulterior motive quotations from the Holy Scriptures are not “open to the world” enough…

When BILD media portal asked the Federal Foreign Office to give the reasons why the cross was removed the reply was: “The cross was removed for reasons of protocol”.

In the run-up to the foreign ministers’ meeting a spokesman later emphasized in a government press conference that there had been a number of changes in the hall including the furniture which are “customary at such gatherings.” “Actually this cross there too” was removed in this context. However Baerbock was unconcerned about this issue stating that “no decision was made at the political level.”

However according to sources in the Münster administration who spoke to the “Westfälische Nachrichten ” such a request to remove the council cross was never addressed to the city.

The cross dates from 1540. To this day all new council members in Münster are sworn in before it unless they expressly decline to add “So help me God.”

Making changes to a piece of furniture and removing the cross the symbol of Christ while remembering the importance behind the history of this cross are two different matters.

Most probably if there was a buddha or a Shiva or Plutus or Lakshmi they wouldn’t have had the same treatment. Their hate towards Christ and Christianity is obvious. Their love for power and money is not.

“No one can serve two masters for either he will hate the one and love the other or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.” (Matthew 6:24)

Despite the fact that Malta boasts to be a Christian or Catholic country none of the local media portals reported this fact.


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