A look at the mass animal deaths happening in 2022 for the intentional creation of food shortages – part 1.

I have already touched on food shortages and how this is being brought about by many factors one of which is the culling of animals.

In this blog divided into two parts I am going to give you a list of worldwide mass animal deaths in 2022 only. From fish to birds to land animals – all are dying in large numbers. Although animals and fish have died throughout history the world has never witnessed such massive and consistent numbers as it is witnessing these days – coinciding with the Great Reset the establishment of the New World Order and post-Covid19.

The media with its scripted narrative calls these deaths “a mystery”. At other times the media blames them for “climate change”. Those who know what is behind climate change argue that chemtrails are to blame. Others believe this is God’s judgment. One thing is for sure: nothing is happening by chance especially upon realising that animal-related diseases like the avian flu and foot and mouth disease are being blamed or created in order to cull more animals so as to create more food shortages.

I remind you that in its article which was quickly deleted after its publication in the face of impending food shortages the UN declares that hungry people are the most productive people.[1]

Due to the list being endless the numbers shown are much lower than they should be.
5th January 2022 – 1 MILLIONbirds dead due to avian flu in the Netherlands.[2]

5th January 2022 –1 000+ dead bass found washed up on the beach ‘a mystery’in Nova Scotia  Canada.[3]

6th January 2022 – 1 MILLION chickens killed due to avian fluin Lincolnshire  England.[4]

13th January 2022 –Thousands of dead fish wash up in Parana River  Argentina.[5]

17th January 2022 – TONS of dead fish found washed up near Houailou  New Caledonia.[6]

18th January 2022 –Tens of thousands of dead fish wash up in Cruz del Eje  Argentina. [7]

19th January 2022 –Hundreds of dead fish wash up on a beach in Puerto Vallarta  Mexico.[8]

26th January 2022 – Massive die-off of fish along the 10km coast of Hokkaido  Japan.[9]

26th January 2022 – Tens of thousandsof goats and sheep dead ‘due to storm’ in Northern Kenya[10]

27th January 2022 –Thousands of fish found dead‘due to cold’in a lagoon in Greece.[11]

30th January 2022 –Massive livestock deaths due to drought in Kenya.[12]

2nd February 2022 – 400 000 chickens killed‘due to heatwave’in Uraguay.[13]

10th February 2022 –30 000 turkeys killed due to avian flu in Indiana  America.[14]

13th February 2022 – 15+ TONS of fish dead from ‘drought’in Rio Grande do Sul  Brazil.[15]

14th February 2022 –Thousands of dead fish and Manta Rays were found dead on a beach in Usulutan  El Salvador.[16]

22nd February 2022 – Tens of thousandsof dead fish wash up ‘a mystery’ on a beach in Chile.[17]

25th February 2022 –Thousands of dead fish were found floating in a river in Kolhapur  India.[18]

8th March 2022 – 2.8 Millionbirds dead due to avian flu in Iowa and Missouri  America.[19]

12th March 2022 –Large die-offof fish found in Cedar Lake in Indiana  America.[20]

15th March 2022 –Thousandsof dead fish wash up in a lake in Fort-Dauphin  Madagascar.[21]

17th March 2022 – Hundreds of thousandsof fish were killed ‘due to floodingin New South Wales  Australia.[22]

18th March 2022 –85 000 birds killed due to avian flu in South Dakota  America.[23]


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