The Maltese Government has officially declared itself as a leftist party of the woke!

I have already touched on the leftist agenda of the woke in two other blogs. What’s new locally in this woke movement?
LovinMalta another mockingbird leftist media of the woke has published an article entitled “Learn Your Students’ Preferred Pronouns Maltese Government Urges Teachers as School Returns”.[1]

The article with my comments in brackets reads:

“A number of suggestions for Maltese teachers to follow now that the scholastic year has begun has been shared by the government. Among the suggestions for teachers was a recommendation to learn students’ preferred pronouns (in Maltese some examples are hu hi and huma). [This means another agenda of the woke as in my previous blog “Newsbook is pushing for another woke agenda – that of having new pronouns for non-binary people.”[2]Is it pure co-incidence that Andrew Azzopardi’s program Newsbook article and these recommendations have the same timing?]

The other recommendations issued by the Reforms Ministry urged teachers to be pro-active and not allow any homophobic language to be used and to create a sense of safety within class so students feel comfortable without feeling like they are being judged.[or else they will be charged and accused of what the leftists call “hate speech”. Can the government explain in detail what it means by “homophobic language”? Isn’t it part of humanity’s values and morals to always be respectful towards others? But if we must use the same measure why isn’t the government also including other kinds of words that schools should not allow? Like calling others “nerds” or “stupid” or any adjective-sexism used to undermine women for example? Why is the agenda going around LGBTIQ+ only?]

Three more recommendations were issued for the students themselves.

Showing respect for everyone in the school was essential the government said. [meaning that you must use the adequate pronouns that non-binary students must choose.]

“The cleaner is as important as the principal ” the guidelines emphasise.[this is nothing new. Were we ever taught otherwise? Or is this recommendation just a way to make the pronoun thing look less subdued?]

Students were also urged to appreciate that each teacher teaches in their own unique way and diversity is a strength in school where one can learn not just from the books they read but from the people around them.[diversity was always present in schools. Students and teachers are individually unique so diversity is always present anywhere and it is part and parcel of the beauty of humanity! But I guess the government is using teachers while indirectly referring to the fact that students who are more sexually diverse than others should be respected. But were we ever told not to respect people of a different sexual identity? Aren’t they children of God too?]

So when longstanding headmaster Mario Mallia of the church-run St Albert the Great College was fired “after standing by two inclusive programmes ” can the same Times of Malta another leftist media of the woke with all other local portals that managed to twist the public’s opinion to side with Mallia give both sides of the story and the truth about what did these inclusive programmes consist of? Were they related to such an agenda which the Dominican Order of the same school had a right to refuse?[3]

As an ex-teacher ex-senior lecturer at Mcast and ex-visiting lecturer at University I can say that inclusion in schools is a myth. If you are not one of the many and manage to pass through the standard sieve of anything that society dictates exclusion and rejection are automatic.

So when the Church goes hand in hand with the agenda of the woke it is praised for being “open-minded ” “accepting” and “loving everyone.” But when other members of the same Church do not accept such an agenda we have the media lashing out at the church proclaiming that the Church is stuck in the past.[4]

Accepting respecting and loving each other unconditionally is a must but being part of and pushing the leftist agenda of the woke is another thing! And if people are not aware of what is going on abroad and connecting the dots then they will be led to jump to misleading conclusions by the media!
This is a global agenda not to normalize LGBTIQ+ but to try to destroy the concept of the traditional biological family. This is an agenda to erase womanhood motherhood manhood fatherhood masculinity and femininity. It is about the dehumanization of the feminine and the feminization of the masculine. It is the agenda of dualism of both genders in one like the Baphomet:

So now it is official. We have all the local media doing the propaganda of the leftist agenda of the woke the Church as an institution which has joined the club[5] and now even the government has officially proclaimed itself a leftist party of the woke. The PN has annihilated itself somewhere along the way.


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