According to the media [and the governments and the Elite] the future of our water is recycled sewage.

According to the media the propaganda machine for the governments and the Elite “the future of water is recycled sewage and we’ll all be drinking it.”

Bloomberg reports that:
“More than a few dystopian fantasies depict a future in which humanity’s water supply derives from recycled human waste. As Frank Herbert imagined it in his 1965 novel ‘Dune’ where humans are depicted “inhabiting a dessicated rainless planet” wearing “stillsuits” which are “a rubbery second skin that captures sweat urine and faeces and recycles them into drinking water”.[1]

As we have seen with various drought being reported in many countries while others experiencing extreme flooding like the latest one in Pakistan[2] this idea of recycled sewage water also known as “toilet waste to tap water” is becoming an important element.
BBC has now reported that “Water companies are planning “toilet-to-tap” systems also known as water recycling to turn sewage from lavatories into drinking water by treating it. By 2030 toilet water could be deposited into rivers near treatment plants so it can be collected and processed as drinking water.[3]

Back In 2013 Thames Water had already announced plans “to use recycled toilet waste in London’s tap water adding it hoped to implement a wastewater recycling scheme by 2025. The advice comes as water supplies are placed under strain due to climate change”.

Understandably this has created a reaction in various consumers but according to Sir James Bevan the head of the Environment agency people “need to be ‘less squeamish’ about drinking water taken from sewage treatment plants”. He added that this “unpopular” move would help in the protection of UK’s water supply and that drinking water reprocessed from sewage is “perfectly safe and healthy”.

And if you think that they are just pulling your leg and that this will never happen well a brewery in Singapore has just launched a new beer called “NEWBrew” made from sewage water.

What part in the global macroeconomic cycle is this again?

The beer called “NEWBrew” is a“collaboration between the country’s national water agency PUB and local craft brewery Brewerkz ” according to a Bloomberg June 2022 report. The idea was first discussed in 2018 and it finally went on sale this past April.

58 year old Chew Wei Lian who recently tried the beer told Bloomberg: “I seriously couldn’t tell this was made of toilet water. I don’t mind having it if it was in the fridge. I mean it tastes just like beer and I like beer.”

How’s that for a ringing endorsement? [4]

According to the report the water was first used in 2003 as part of a project to “improve the island’s water security.”

It also claims that the idea of converting sewage into drinking water “has been gaining support in the past decade as the world’s supply of fresh water is increasingly under stress.” Water is scarce for at least one month of the year for 2.7 billion people worldwide.

Singapore is far from the first country to attempt such an endeavor. Countries such as Israel have also integrated technology into their supplies. L.A. and London are also considering similar approaches to implementing the technology.

Brewerkz’s head brewer Mitch Gribov said of the water “NEWater perfectly suits brewing because it tastes neutral.” The mineral profile of water plays a key role in chemical reactions during brewing.”

However not everyone is “sold” on the concept. Low Yu Chen a 22-year-old student concluded “There are many kinds of beers around.” If I wanted a beer I’d pick something made of normal water.”

So now they will tell you “You will drink the sewage recycled water as our solution for the water shortages we have created and you will be healthy safe and happy.”


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