Since 200 000 Covid-19 test kits are being recalled after giving false positive results how about recalling the whole pandemic?

Ellume the maker of COVID-19 test kits is recalling some at-home tests after discovering a higher-than-expected rate of false positive results indicating someone has the virus when they do not.[1]

According to the Australian company the tests were shipped to retailers and other distributors in the United States from April to August. It published a list of the lot numbers on test packages affected by the recall on its website.

According to the company approximately 427 000 tests are in the lots identified in the recall with nearly 200 000 remaining unused. According to Ellume tests from those lots may produce false positive results at a higher rate than researchers observed during clinical testing.

Ellume stated that it will contact customers who used one of the test kits and received a positive result within the last two weeks. It advised people who had not yet scheduled another test to confirm the results to do so right away.

In a separate statement the US Food and Drug Administration advised people who received a positive result from one of the tests to contact a care provider or urgent care location and request a molecular diagnostic test.

The issue was traced back to a manufacturing flaw and it does not appear to have affected the negative test results.
And what about those PCR tests which were not at-home kits but were used in hospitals and clinics in Europe and all the rest of the world?
How about recalling all PCR tests which were the base on which the pandemic was based?
What about all those people who were locked up because they were found positive?

What about all those people who were put in ITU on the ventilator because they were found positive like my dad and were put on the brink of death or even killed? I remind the public that my dad was found twice positive and three times negative in a span of five days between October 13thand October 19th with one negative result on the 18th and one positive on the 19th!

Better still how about recalling the whole pandemic?


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