The Truth behind the Sabotage of Nord Stream 2.

In my blog dated 14thSeptember[1] I had written:

“While Russia is stopping gas supplies through Nord Stream 1 the United States of America that is President Biden had said earlier this February that “natural gas will not flow through Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Germany if Moscow orders an invasion of Ukraine”.In a nutshell they declared the suspension of this pipeline too. And who agreed and was ready to join forces with the United States? German Chancellor Olaf Scholz:
“”If Russia invades … there will no longer [be] a Nord Stream 2 ” Biden said during a joint press conferencewith Scholz. “We will bring an end to it ” added the American president.””

““Scholz said Germany was ready to act together with the United States. Asked specifically whether Germany was prepared to pull the plug on the pipeline the chancellor said “we are absolutely united.””

Since the last reportage we have of this is dated back in February of this year what happened to this declaration? Is there any follow up?”
Lo and behold and Nord stream 2 made headlines on the 26th of September with its “sabotage”. Why?

Because between September 26 and 28 it was reported that “blasts” had damaged both pipelines of Nord stream 1 and 2 which transport gas from Russia to Germany and other countries in northern Europe.

As a result large amounts of natural gas leaked into the Baltic Sea and pipeline supplies were completely cut off.
“According to media reports there is an increasing likelihood that the damage to NS1 will put this pipeline permanently out of service although one of the two NS2 pipelines is expected to remain in good condition. Under the current circumstances however it is difficult to imagine that it could be put into operation even if it were technically possible.”

According to the Times of Malta “Explosions were recorded before mysterious leaks in two Baltic Sea gas pipelines linking Russia and Europe seismologists said Tuesday raising suspicions of sabotage amid tensions over Moscow’s war in Ukraine.”[2]

The alleged incident has sparked a flurry of accusations with accusations flying back and forth.
According to the Danish Prime Minister it is hard to imagine that it was accidental since it is “unusual” for the leaks to happen at such a distance from each other.[3]But both the Danes and the Swedes are excluding Russia from the probes.

“EU chief Ursula Von der Leyen said “sabotage” caused the leaks”[4]. But the EU did not blame anyone in its statement. Yet MEP Radek Sikorsi blamed USA:

So did some Western alternative media which pointed to Joe Biden’s pledge in February as per my blog to completely shut down Nord Stream 2 as proof that the US was behind the alleged attack.

So far Western governments and officials have refrained from directly blaming Russia while Russia has blamed the West.

But The Telegraph has blamed the Russians in its headline “Why Putin would want to blow up Nord Stream 2 and the advantages it gives him”.[5]
On the other hand the Russians have called the idea of sabotaging their own pipeline “stupid.”

According to Forbes the former Polish defense minister has come out and said that NATO forces blew up the pipeline.[6]And in an 8thOctober tweet we learn that Erik Ollsen the lead investigator for the Nord Stream attack is dead. It reads:

“Ollsen found at home. Bee sting cause of death cremated within hours. In charge of investigating Nord Stream sabotage.”

So we are being played in a ping-pong game of either the Americans blew it up or the Russians or Nato or someone else or maybe nobody blew it up and the entire story is a fake fabricated one. But does it really matter?

What truly matters in this “war” on these two pipelines which have become the centre of these geopolitical tensions is that the result is much more of the same. The truth is gas and electricity prices will keep on rising. There will be a strong push toward “renewables ” possible energy rationing and blackouts as already announced and talk of “climate catastrophe.”

This winter people will freeze starve and most likely die. That has always been part of the plan so what makes you think this “attack” is anything other than more of the same?

We should not also forget that those who would benefit monetarily and politically from a major shift in the structure of our society have been sabotaging us for the last two years.


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