In Malta the rate of deaths from irregular heartbeat increased and no one speaks about what is causing this excess mortality

According to the Eurostat Statistics Europe is facing an excess mortality rate this year and Malta was placed seventh. This led the Evening Standard to report that “Deaths due to irregular heartbeat help drive rise in excess mortality” with “other leading causes include ischaemic heart diseases and diabetes.”[1]

According to data deaths caused by an irregular heartbeat are likely to be one of the reasons why more people have died this year than the previous years. What is the culprit of such an irregular heartbeat?

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS) the number of deaths in England and Wales due to cardiac arrhythmias was well above average for much of the first half of 2022.

In March and April deaths in this category had the second-highest excess mortality figures up from the eighth-highest in February and the fourth-highest in January.

Excess deaths also known as extra deaths are the number of deaths that exceed the long-term average for a given week or month of the year.
In March 234 people died as a result of an irregular heartbeat and 138 died in April.

This was the second highest number of excess deaths by cause in both months trailing only those due to “ill-defined conditions” – a term commonly used to describe symptoms such as old age and frailty.

The total number of deaths caused by an irregular heartbeat was 37.1% higher than average in March and 23.1% higher in April a significant increase from 13.7% in January and 9.2% in February.

The percentages remained high in May and June (39.0% and 17.9% respectively).

Other leading causes of excess mortality this year include ischaemic heart disease diabetes dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In the first half of 2022 England and Wales recorded 3 848 excess deaths.

“Sarah Caul  ONShead of mortality analysis said the figure had been “driven by higher than expected numbers of deaths since March which could be caused by a combination of factors.[2]

“Across March April and May we saw increases in deaths due to cardiac arrhythmias predominantly among those aged 80 and above.
“Further work needs to be done to understand any link between the long-term effects of Covid and increasing cardiac deaths.””

Is this increase in the death rate a direct effect of the long-term effects of Covid? For how long will they continue dragging themselves with this lie? Didn’t the world witness a huge mass vaccination of Covid-19 experimental jabs? So what else should we point to? If they truly need to do more work to understand what the missing link between these increasing cardiac deaths and the excess high mortality rate is all they need to do is drop their lie and admit that this missing link is the Covid-19 vaccines. I remind the public that the media and medical studies are also reporting that the Covid-19 vaccines are causing myocarditis.

In the same breath the ONS stated that Covid-19 has been only partially responsible for extra deaths in recent months because “of the 6 473 excess deaths in May more than three-quarters were not due to coronavirus with the proportion being even higher in June with 82% not due to Covid-19.
Maybe the reasons are those senseless ones which the media is publishing like how often do we go to the loo? The Daily Record has just reported that “heart attacks are becoming increasingly more common in women under 50 and medical experts can’t figure why” with researchers being “shocked to find they have risen among those aged 35-54 especially women.” All these “medical experts” and “researchers” need to do is check those women’s Covid-19 vaccination status.[3]

Scotland is also seeing a spike in deaths. The BBC reported that “Deaths in Scotland spike to almost 10% above average” “compared with the five-year rolling average”. The National Records of Scotland (NRS) is blaming this excess on cancer (4 056) circulatory diseases (3 808) Alzheimer’s and dementia (as in England and Wales) and Covid-19 (545).[4]

Didn’t top virologists state that the Covid-19 vaccines will induce cancer or worsen it in people who are already suffering from it and that the same vaccines will cause neurological diseases? Are they causing circulatory diseases Alzheimer and dementia too?

It would be very useful for our NSO to publish what are the causes of the local 26.4% excess deaths that Eurostat has published. Can the General Director of Statistics try to get the causes of such deaths? The last data it has is that of 2018. So NSO should press the Health Department to give it the data.

I was informed from inner sources that in June 2020 the person responsible to send NSO such data was given other work purposely to hide the data.  Can we have a confirmation of this?


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