The lying mainstream media continues with its senseless articles about the causes of heart attacks which the death vax is causing.

The lying mainstream media continues with its long list of senseless articles about the causes of heart attacks in order to cover up the fact that the rise in heart attacks we are currently witnessing lies in the Covid-19 vaccines.

According to Express UK “Two music genres linked to ‘potentially dangerous’ heart arrhythmias” (irregular heartbeat) since “the evidence suggests music engages not only with the brain but may also affect changes in heart variability which could set the stage for stroke.”  In one study published in the journal Heart some researchers are now believing that music can influence changes in heart rate variability by increasing or decreasing anxiety in patients. They found that while classical and meditation music are “the greatest benefit on health” if you listen to heavy metal music and techno then you are being posed with certain risks since in these genres there is a “possible danger and can lead to stress and/or life-threatening arrhythmias.”[1]

According to The Sun “How often you go to the toilet every day can ‘predict your risk of heart attack’[2]and although we were “often told a ‘normal’ digestive tract cleanses itself of waste after each meal – suggesting regular pooping is healthy” now “new research on toilet habits may have just flipped our understanding of healthy bowel movements on its head.” According to Chinese scientists individuals who have more than one bowel movement per day are more likely to have a heart attack type 2 diabetes heart disease and kidney disease. On the contrary pooping less than once a day is also a sign of serious heart problems. While experts discovered that having fewer than three poops per week is associated with an increased risk of heart disease stroke and kidney disease. So how many times can we poop exactly to be free from all these ailments?

According to the North Wales Chronicle “Artificial sweeteners found in diet drinks could increase risk of heart attack – research”.[3]According to a study anyone who consumes diet fizzy drinks has been issued a health warning with scientists revealing that the popular low-calorie beverage may increase the risk of a heart attack since research suggests that artificial sweeteners found in drinks and added to foods such as yogurt cereal and ketchup may be harmful to your health. People who consume 78mg of artificial sweeteners per day which is found in just half a can of diet fizzy drinks are up to ten times more likely to have a heart attack and five times more likely to have a stroke. Well sugary drinks are not healthy and they have never been due to the amount of sugar and sugar-related ingredients in them which is bad enough without forgetting the carcinogens. But the heart stroke thing is another made-up mainstream media lie.

Express UK issued a different warning – that of a woman who ate the same fruit daily and almost lost her leg from a dangerous blood clot.[4]A case report published in the Lancet journal stated that a woman almost lost her leg to amputation after a blood clot formed in the deep veins in her leg because she ate grapefruit daily! Then stop eating grapefruit.

According to Wales Online[5] sex is a problem because the average age of sudden death during sex is 38 with 35% of such deaths belonging to women.  It reports that some people die suddenly during or shortly after sex with the reasons being the physical strain of the sexual activity prescription drugs or illegal drugs or both. Forensic studies performed in Germany France South Korea and the US have found that as one age especially men there is a greater risk of dying during or after sex with sudden heart attack or myocardial infarction.

According to the Daily Mail[6]and the Scientific American[7] what else if not blaming mild Covid for the risk of heart attacks? “Mild Covid is now being linked to long-term heart trouble: Millions of us have had the infection – and recovered in days. Now worrying research suggests there could be a nasty sting in the tail”.

This nasty sting is the vaccine.

The media has been lying. The media is lying. The media will continue to lie because “whoever controls the media controls the mind” – Jim Morrison.


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