Can Dr. Fearne and Minister Jo Etienne Abela specify if the Omicron-specific vaccine or fifth dose and the flu jab are mandatory for our elderly in homes?

I would like to bring to the attention of the readers this message which I received:

Why aren’t we hearing anything now like we used to hear about covid vaccines at the beginning of Covid-19?

The latest reporting we have is that of the 18th of October from Times of Malta stating that “Close to 4 000 vaccines were given on Monday the first day of the Influenza/Omicron campaign Health Minister Chris Fearne said in a tweet on Tuesday.”[1]The media portal also added that “People aged over 55 pregnant women healthcare workers and those suffering from chronic conditions started to get vaccinated against the flu and COVID on Monday.” TOM must have forgotten to report that the elderly had been injected a week before.

Is “campaign” the right word to use when it comes to health matters?  Such a word is usually used in marketing where a strategy is used to promote a business’s goal or objective which is that of promoting a product. Should vaccines be part of such strategies?

And it is very important that Dr. Fearne adds the word “mingħajr ħlas” (for free). No they are actually from our taxes and if they had to be bought most probably many would not go for it. Hence the strategy.

It is also clear that the fifth dose has been rebranded as the Omicron-specific vaccine. The fifth dose sounds too much right? Hence another strategy.
The Times of Malta added that these “free jabs are being given from all health centres and community clinics”. So in this case the elderly are being vaccinated in their homes as stated by Dr Fearne in a tweet of his on 19th October:

How ironic it is that the ministry of Jo Etienne Abela is called “Active Ageing”. Active my foot!

Why are they all wearing masks? Are masks still compulsory in homes?

Are the family members being informed that their loved ones are going to be vaccinated for their consent? And by any chance will visitors be asked again to be vaccinated again or else they cannot visit their elderly family members in the homes?

Can the government start spilling the beans since now the whole play is being played behind the curtains?


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