Are they trying to crank up the fear and reintroduce face nappies?

Throughout Summer I have read loads of confusing articles together with posts by various people who decided to travel regarding the entry restrictions or non in various places.

To be straight to the point as always I am not much bothered with travelling. I do not like it much. Besides not being in a financial position to do so I did not want to be part of their imposed regime – that of having to undergo a PCR test [I never took one] having to wear a mask and so forth. I am a rebel as I live by my own terms.

The articles and posts sometimes said opposing statements so I just read observed and took the back seat while being on the lookout for what is or might be ahead.

And these restrictions are still not clear. I am going to give an example.

A recent article dated 20thOctober by Travel Weekly reported that: “Spain will drop all its Covid entry restrictions ahead of the October half-term holiday” since “currently all travellers aged 12 and over entering Spain must show proof of vaccination a negative Covid test or recovery within the last six months.”

“However the Spanish tourism board website has been updated and confirms that all rules will be dropped from tomorrow (October 21).

The website states: “Effective October 21 2022 restrictions regarding Covid-19 test and vaccination certificate will be lifted.””[1]

However what the media is not yet telling you is what is going on inside Spain. According to a post I came across on 24thOctober the situation is as follows:

Is the mask mandate back?

In July Express UK reported that “masks could return to crowded venues and public transport in a desperate effort to control the spread of soaring Covid cases.” This recent spike has become concerning for the medical community [pity that the spike of adverse reactions and deaths caused by the Covid-19 vaccines did not become concerning for the same medical community] and thus mask-wearing and other Covid measures were advised by Dr Hilary Jones since he explained that the nations’ “immunity is waning.”[2]Didn’t the vaccines succeed in keeping immunity on track?

Then in mid-August the Daily Mail reported that apart from Tony Blair’s Institutefor Global Change urging the government to consider ‘mandatory mask wearing on public transport and most indoor public venues’  [some politicians somehow become the founders of institutes so as to continue pulling the strings in the puppet show] to reduce pressures on the NHS this winter scientists issued “renewed calls for Covid isolation and masks to return this winter to ‘protect the NHS’.”[3]

In the meantime from July onwards the British media gave us update on individual hospitals which started bringing back the mask mandate. Among those we find the Northamptonshire hospitals [4]Sheffield hospitals[5]with the latest October ones being those of Northern Lincolnshire hospitals which have re-introduced mask-wearing at the beginning of October.[6]

Slowly past measures are being re-introduced hence we have started the path backwards.

And on 5th October the Daily Mail reported “Return of the mask! Five NHS trusts have already brought back face covering rules for patients and visitors following Covid’s resurgence.”[7]

And then we have little Malta.

In a long article by Newsbook dated 6thOctober[8] one finds this tiny little statement:

“Fearne qal li bħalissa ma jinħassx il-bżonn ta’ miżuri ta’ mitigazzjoni biex nilqgħu kontra l-Coronavirus. Fakkar iżda li l-maskri jibqgħu jintlibsu fl-isptarijiet u fid-djar tal-anzjani.”
[Fearne said that at the moment there is no need for mitigation measures so that we protect ourselves from Coronavirus. [What mitigation measures?]. He reminded that masks would keep on being worn in hospitals and in elderly homes.”

No wonder he and Jo Etienne Abela and the staff are wearing masks in this photo:

I am very aware that back on 22nd April the Times of Malta had reported that “masks off from May 2 as Malta lifts most Covid-19 measures” with Face coverings only mandatory in hospitals care homes and flights”[9]but then we did not have any more updates of whether mask-wearing was lifted in these three contexts.  Sometimes no news is good news. It is not the case when deceit is running high.

It is clear that mask-wearing remained compulsory since April in hospitals and elderly homes. Was the government preparing the public for what is ahead?

Are they trying to crank up the fear and reintroduce face nappies?


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