Articles related to outbreaks and diseases in children are being high-lighted by the media post vaccine roll-out for the children.

In my blog dated 4th September I had promised the readers that I would speak about the alleged “tomato flu” in more detail after Times of Malta used a similar photo to talk about monkeypox which resembled a similar one used by The Sun to talk about “tomato flu” thus making us wonder which is which.[1]

So what’s up with this tomato flu? Back in August The Sun reported that a new illness dubbed “tomato flu” is posing a threat to young children after 80 children were detected in India suffering from a virus that was causing them a red rash and symptoms similar to other fever-causing bugs between last May and July. This was described by doctors in the medical journal The Lancet[2] as “very contagious” fearing it would be transmitted to adults too. Because of the red and painful blisters on the children’s bodies it was named “tomato flu”. The blisters on the rash were compared to monkeypox and the feverish symptoms to dengue chikungunya and hand foot and mouth disease. In fact they speculated that it could be an “after-effect” of the previous three rather than its own bug.[3]

Express UK however reported that this “mystery ‘tomato flu’ outbreak” has sparked panic as children suffered the same symptoms of monkey pox [4]. So I ask again: is it monkeypox or tomato flu?

Before that back in June of this year as well the Daily Mail reported that health experts across the United States warned that children are being “infected with up to three viruses at a time because Covid measures have worn down their immune systems and made them vulnerable to illnesses usually only caught in winter”.[5]Experts believed this is due to their immune systems being weakened by two years of COVID lockdowns and mask-wearing. Medical personnel was surprised since usually these cases are more common and on the increase during the winter period. Thus they blamed the strict pandemic practices.

Furthermore Thomas Murray an infection-control expert and associate professor of pediatrics at Yale told The Washington Post[6]that “his team was seeing children with combinations of seven common viruses – adenovirus rhinovirus respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) human metapneumovirus influenza and parainfluenza as well as the coronavirus.”

With this being observed during the beginning of the summer months which is normally a dead period for respiratory infections this was described as an abnormal surge.

It seems that the VAIDS epidemic has begun in children that received the Covid-19 vaccine.

In China after being given the second dose Li Yun’s four-year-old daughter developed swelling and bruises all over her body. “In January a few weeks after the second dose the child was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia” and she is “among hundreds of Chinese that belong to a social media group whose members claim to be suffering from or have a household member suffering from leukemia that developed after taking the Covid-19 vaccines. Eight of them confirmed the situation when contacted by The Epoch Times but names of the interviewees have been withheld to protect their safety.“[7]

In the same period of the alleged “tomato flu” mainstream media outlets published articles describing the fact that doctors are baffled since “hundreds of children are being diagnosed with “childhood dementia” and a rare disease described as Alzheimer’s mixed with Parkinson’s.[8]It seems that the media are suddenly highlighting a previously unheard-of disease.

“According to some researchers the media are engaged in an intentional predictive programming strategy designed to normalize surging neurological disorders.”

The articles preparing the public for “childhood dementia” are:

4th March 2022: “What does ‘Childhood Alzheimer’s’ really mean?”[9]
28th March 2022: “Childhood Alzheimer’s: Symptoms Causes and Treatments”.[10]

The articles with children actually suffering from this “childhood dementia” are:

21st July 2022: “7-year-old’s ‘childhood dementia’ leaves her in constant pain unable to speak.”[11]

26th July 2022: “Boy 6 with rare disease described as Alzheimer’s mixed with Parkinson’s fears treatment for the condition will never arrive.”[12]

And more:

The peer-reviewed article by J. Bart Classen MD entitled Covid-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease published in the scientific journal Microbiology and Infectious Diseases contains the concerning revelation that the Pfizer’s mRNA elixir may cause fatal diseases like Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (similar to Mad Cow disease. I will tackle this topic in a near future piece).

Among the symptoms of prion disease we find dementia confusion and difficulties in speaking. Aren’t these among the symptoms which are being observed in children? So are these “outbreaks’ and diseases being observed in children a side-effect of the Covid-19 vaccines considering that even children were injected with these lethal liquids?

And as the usual process Big Pharma which has already made billions of dollars from vaccines is now focusing on drugs used to treat dementia. Despite amassing vast amounts of wealth and power over the last two years manufacturers stand to profit far more from endless drug sales. Merck recently invested over a billion dollars in Ceverance which happened to be backed by the usual Bill Gates again to develop neurodegenerative disease prescriptions.

Last year Joe Biden the puppet-in-chief held an unusual press conference declaring that Alzheimer’s patients will occupy “every single solitary hospital bed in America” within the next decade suggesting that those behind the agenda are attempting to prepare society for an impending tsunami of cognitive deterioration.

This is about more and more fear more and more jabs more and more adverse reactions from the Covid-19 jab and worst of all more and more innocents being sacrificed.


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