Alberto Rampino president of Federfarma Gorizia was suspended because he refused to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

We all know that many who kept on refusing and were adamant to lose their job at all costs as long as they do not succumb to the Covid-19 vaccine mandate did in the end lose their job. One would not expect this to happen in the same pharmaceutical (and medical) industry and yet among these who refused to succumb to such a mandate there were those whose profession was a pharmaceutical one.

In mid-November of 2021 the news that in Friuli Venezia Giulia out of 1200 pharmacists 30 were temporarily suspended from exercising the profession because they were not vaccinated found ample space in the local newspapers of northeast Italy. According to what the professional associations reported about half of those suspended were serving in pharmacies: since they could no longer be in contact with the public they had to be moved to other tasks thus subject to the obligation of the green pass. Alternatively they were forced to suspend their professional activity until 31st December.[1]

The fact that among the 30 suspended pharmacists (11 in the central Friuli health authority 16 in the western one two in Gorizia and one in Trieste) was Alberto Rampino president of Federfarma Gorizia the provincial union of pharmacy owners sparked outrage.

After refusing to comply with the anti-Covid vaccination requirement for health professionals Rampino was subjected to the provision of professional suspension and was thus forced to leave his pharmacy in San Canzian in the hands of his son and collaborators.

According to newspapers and local websites Rampino would have left for Greece where he would have most likely tried to get over his disappointment and anger over a measure that in his opinion was unfair but given the provisions in place on Covid was unavoidable.

It should be noted that Rampino refused the no-vax license referring to himself as an “agnostic”: his position he claimed is based on doubts and perplexities about vaccines and their effectiveness and thus on the wisdom of vaccinating. In this regard the president of the Gorizia owners allegedly requested clarification and details from the competent health company which were not provided to him.

As a result they decided not to get vaccinated believing that they lacked all of the necessary elements to make an informed decision.

Rampino has repeatedly stated his intention not to file an appeal against the unavoidable suspension measure.

And while the governments brainwashed the nations to believe in the Covid-19 vaccines telling them that these vaccines would save their lives and that of others it seems that the professionals in the pharmaceutical industry itself like Rampino neither believed and trusted the same governments nor the industry which they themselves work in.


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