With the EU being set to propose a mandatory target to cut power use, will electricity smart meters be controlled by the governments for the sake of rationing?

In the past days on 10th September the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero discussed this EU draft plan for energy rationing. [2]Thus Il Messaggero has anticipated and hypothesized that consumption will be reduced by the power of smart meters in private homes.

It is assumed that the electricity in private homes will be reduced from 8.00 to 19.00 through the use of these smart meters. Also those within the FI range will suffer from a reduction in consumption during peak hours. The goal is to reduce energy consumption by 10% with at least 5% of that reduction occurring during peak hours. All this with winter around the corner with many families and businesses struggling.

It explained how the plan advances by directly reducing the electricity consumption of the houses making electricity rationing compulsory while gas rationing remains voluntary.

According to the newspaper the new smart metering which in recent years has been installed in condominiums whether the owners wanted them or not and without ever signing a consensual contract for them.

According to Arera’s website smart metering refers to systems that allow remote reading and management of electricity gas and water meters.
It comes with no surprise then to see why homes were supplied with these Smart Meters years ago with such a future plan in hindsight for again total control of the people. This time their electricity usage will be under the control of the EU and the governments.

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