What lies behind the narrative and the counter narrative of Covid-19?

Christine Massey is a Canadian journalist and researcher. For the past two years she has written to virtually every known international health care institution. Among her contacts we find the CDC and the WHO. She has also written to Canadian British French and Italian health authorities.[1]
Her simple question to the directors was one and the same: a proof that proves once and for all how the so-called Covid-19 (virus) has been isolated and purified as Koch’s postulates predict.

The answer given was also one and the same: that no one has been able to provide such evidence.

And if this is proven [again my dad’s files can shed a light on this apart from shedding light on other crucial information] we will understand how Covid-19 is the biggest scam in history and that humanity has allowed itself to be plunged into an abyss of fear and authoritarianism for something that has not even been established yet.

Christine and her colleague Michael S. in New Zealand have been submitting Freedom of Information requests to institutions in various countries in order to seek answers and records as to whether the alleged “Covid-19 virus” has been isolated and/or purified from any unadulterated sample taken from a diseased patient.

The explanation is that it is impossible to assert scientifically that the purported “novel coronavirus”—which has been cited as the cause of widespread death illness and lockdown measures—actually exists without the vital step of isolation/purification (from a large number of patients followed by characterization sequencing and controlled experiments).  All assertions of this supposed “virus” are nothing more than wild conjecture supported only by fake research fraudulent tests and fraudulently diagnosed diseases without this stage having been completed and followed by characterisation sequencing and controlled experiments.

The requests made were not restricted to records of isolations carried out by the respective institutions or to records written by the respective institutions; rather they were open to any records describing the isolation and purification of the “COVID-19 virus” (also known as “SARS-COV-2”) carried out by anyone at any time anywhere on the planet.

Until August 23 2022 52 Canadian institutions have provided their responses:

(Canadian public health officials have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification performed anywhere ever)

Every institution has failed to give or identify even one record that details the purported “COVID-19 virus’” isolation from a patient sample without first contaminating it with genetic material from other sources. (Those other sources are typically fetal bovine serum and monkey kidney cells sometimes known as “Vero” cells.)

Numerous universities have stated unequivocally in their comments that isolation/purification is categorically never done in virology and that the term “isolation” in virology has the exact opposite meaning from what it does in common usage. Additionally every “viral isolation” article we have ever seen for any supposed “virus” provides evidence of this.

Until 23rdAugust there were other 208 institutions and offices in 35 other countries which have responded as well as some “SARS-COV-2 isolation” study authors and none have provided or cited any record describing actual “SARS-COV-2” isolation/purification.

The list of all these institutions and offices can be seen in this excel file:


The communication via email thread of all the FOI documents which are for the most part grouped by country and compiled into 11 pdfs together with answers [or lack of] received can be read in this google folder:


I have already pondered about the existence of Covid-19 and asked about it in other blogs. If the PCR tests are rigged then how can we say that Covid-19 exists and that its narrative is true? If we take this line of reasoning then what lies behind the Covid-19 cures that the counter-narrative offered those of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)?

Both the narrative and the counter-narrative are being controlled by the same entity and given out to the public in order to lead nations astray as a means of confusion and distraction. Can we then deduce that the truth is that the Covid-19 virus does not exist?


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