When entities are not following the same path of truth it is very easy to catch them slipping and falling. Which is one of such entities which is part of the Government propaganda (whenever it suits so) and putting blindfolds on nations? This is the mainstream media.

The mainstream media is being used as the façade of the “invisi-bullies” [invisible bullies] who hold powerful places but hide behind the mainstream media while using it to do their unjust bidding.  These “invisi-bullies” rely on a variety of manipulative tactics to bring their goals to fruition playing all sorts of games to orchestrate their narcissistic ends. But one of their mistakes is the fact that they are relying on such a medium whose right hand does not know what the left hand is doing and thus it is often caught red-handed in lies and mistakes.

The “abuse of power” is arguably the biggest barrier to the world I wish to live in. We are gradually becoming more adept at identifying and addressing it in its most blatant manifestations. But this is insufficient. We can’t leave it at that because when it takes on subtle and unseen shapes it becomes even more harmful.

So here I am doing my part.

Let us start by taking a small example.

On 26thAugust 2022 the Times of Malta published an article entitled “Monkeypox rate in Malta is one of the highest in Europe”.[1]I already analysed this article and the reason why it was published in another blog so I am not going to deal with it again. But it is very important that for now the readers just notice the front picture which TOM used and to keep in mind that according to this media that picture is obviously referring to “monkeypox”.

Eight days before the publishing of such an article exactly on the 18th of August 2022 The Sun published an article entitled “NEW THREAT: Warning as new ‘tomato flu’ virus infects 82 children leaving them with painful blisters”.[2][I will get into this ‘tomato flu’ later.] Notice the front photo used:

If we assume that these two outbreaks exist do we have the media talking about monkeypox or tomato flu? Is it just monkeypox? Or is it just tomato flu? Or are they both as I have often pointed out side-effects of the Covid-19 vaccines rebranded as “monkeypox” and now with this new “tomato flu”?

This does not put both media portals in a good light let alone the Times of Malta whose article was published after that of The Sun.


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