“The so-called Pfizer and ModeRNA vaccines are not true vaccines. Mass vaccination is a global experiment without precedent in the history of mankind” – Dr Laporte Roselló one of Spain’s eminent experts in pharmacovigilance. (part 1)

Dr. Joan-Ramón Laporte Roselló one of Spain’s eminent experts in pharmacovigilance appeared on the 7thof February at the Spanish Congress.
He was invited by Podemos and the PSOE to attend this investigating panel on the management of vaccinations and the vaccination programme. The video of his intervention is still available and unquestionably priceless on youtube.

The media dismisses and views Laporte as eccentric. It is a pity that the media doesn’t view as such the other experts who tell us that everything in the news of 2022 can give you a heart attack except the vaccines and which the same media quotes. It is a world-known fact that the world’s greatest inventions were always brought about by eccentrics revolutionaries outcasts and others labelled as crazy.

So what about his credentials? He is a Doctor of Medicine and currently holds an honorary professorship at Barcelona’s Autonomous University. In the 1980s he promoted the Spanish Pharmacovigilance Service and was a pioneer of pharmacovigilance in Spain. Prior to the establishment of the Spanish Medicines Agency in 1999 he served as the Coordinating Centre of the Spanish Pharmacovigilance System’s director and a member of the National Pharmacovigilance Commission. He has served as that institution’s external expert since that time and briefly as a member of its Advisory Council. Laporte presided over the committee for critical medications outside of Spain. If he is not an expert then how do the media and the governments define experts? Is it because Laporte has no financial ties to the pharmaceutical or medical device industries while their experts do?
Did they forget that Laporte had a number of positions of authority outside of Spain in 2004 including serving as the chairman of the World Health Organization’s committee on critical medication and that he is currently a pharmacovigilance external expert for the European Medicines Agency? So his statements in this speech should carry more weight shouldn’t they?

In this case it was fortunate that he appeared at the request of the Spanish government parties. It is a pity that his statements do not match with those that the other “experts” advise the Spanish Executive government and all the rest of the global governments considering he is an authority.
The speech he gave in a state institution truly runs counter to the official line of the narrative. His entire message was focused on the conspiracy between powerful government agencies and the pharmaceutical industry with a focus on the latter. The first step was to define the commission’s main concern: just as conventional vaccines introduce attenuated germs or portions of them that stimulate the immune system messenger RNA vaccines introduce a nucleic acid that instructs cells of the recipient to produce this protein of the virus the so-called spike protein which in turn stimulates the immune system:

“The immune system it is worth remembering here the dictionary of the real academy of the Spanish language defines a vaccine as a preparation of antigens that administered to an organism provokes a defense response in it. According to this definition the so-called Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are not true vaccines; they are drugs based on a technology never used in therapeutics until now and less so in mass campaigns hence the mass vaccination was a global experiment without precedent in the history of mankind.”

“No ladies and gentlemen clinical trials have not shown that [these particular] ‘vaccines’ save lives.“

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