The Maltese government is using the EU grants trick as a carrot to entice people to buy electric cars.

Electric cars are part of the draconian public movement control while they fly a fabricated climate change excuse agenda. All has been planned in advance and this includes making the gas prices purposely high artificially so as to not only steal the wealth of the public but also to drive the same public into buying electric cars.

If they also whack the price of petrol and diesel to further fear-monger the masses into transferring over to smart electric cars it is game over because it would mean that they have more control and power over us.

This is because the electric cars will work in junction with everything else which comes under the heading of smart giving real-time locations and data. In the worst-case scenario you might have your smart electric car shut down if you miss a monthly payment lose social credits or they can even track you down if you are disobedient to any of their rules.

And yet since the only way for the government to control the economy [which truly it can’t] is to control the people our government has decided to give the nation a carrot to drive it to buy electric cars and comply with the above agenda.

What is this carrot? This carrot is a grant which “includes a scrappage scheme intended to provide further financial support to applicants who while purchasing and registering a new electric vehicle or pedelec deregister a vehicle of any category which is older than 10 years from its year of manufacture.[1]” The budgeted funds for this scheme amount to €15,000,000.

Wouldn’t it be better if all this money given in grants with an agenda behind them were instead divided among the people as part of their salary increase so as to make them flow with ease during this recession or to lift people out of poverty?

All these millions marelli! They surely aren’t being given for nothing with a thank you card from the EU no?

And then I delve into more research and I come across this:

So first we have the California Air Resources Board (CARB) voting to phase out the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035 which is expected to have far-reaching consequences with a third of states following and considering similar legislation. Again this is being done to shift the American nation’s largest auto market’s fuel source.  A provision in the federal Clean Air Act allows California to enact increasingly aggressive measures to reduce carbon emissions from transportation which other states may follow. More than a dozen states mostly led by Democrats have already indicated that they will follow California’s lead.[2]And this was published in an article dated 25th August.

Forward to the 31st of August just six days later and we read that Californians may need to take measures to conserve energy

including by avoiding charging electric vehicles to prevent strain on the state’s power grid over the Labour Day weekend just a week after state regulators voted on a plan to ban the sale of gasoline-powered cars.[3] Not only are nations facing a high rise in electricity prices with the same nations being imposed rules [and even imprisoned] if they do not obey the same rules to not overload the power grid!

Not only are the same nations being imposed to buy very expensive electric cars during a recession but are facing inflation and stagflation with high electricity bills! Then the same nations are being told not to charge these electric cars so as not to overload the power grid!

What a clown world full of clown politicians and policymakers!

But in Malta a world of its own grants are being given like pastizzi to entice the people to buy electric cars without having various charging points around the island and without the government giving a concrete written statement that electricity bills won’t become costlier. Moreover with so many power cuts does Malta have a power grid that is enough to support the ownership of electric cars for each household?

And since I am aware of the agenda behind them I would like to tell the government that I will gladly go without a car and that I will never be enticed by a carrot in order to get to the agenda which the same EU and the Elite are driving nations to.


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