The government of Uruguay and Pfizer were ordered to provide extensive detail about the ingredients efficacy and safety of the Covid-19 vaccines by Judge Alejandro Recaray.

Subrogated Administrative Litigation Judge Alejandro Recaray has ordered the government of Uruguay and Pfizer to provide “extensive detail” on the biochemical composition including the possible presence of ‘graphene oxide’ or ‘nanotechnological elements’ and evidence of efficacy and safety of its COVID vaccine within 48 hours.[1]

What about Moderna AstraZeneca J&J and all other Covid-19 vaccine brands? What is this counter-narrative where Pfizer is always the target of the courts? Is this another game being played?

This summons is “part of a protection process initiated to suspend the application of these vaccines in children; among other things it seeks to know if the ġso-called vaccines’ contain ‘nanotechnological elements.’”

He requested that they present the contract for the purchase of the vaccines state whether they have clauses of civil indemnity or criminal impunity for the suppliers in the event of potential adverse effects and provide ‘extensive detail’ of the biochemical composition of the vaccines explaining how the batches are distributed and their criteria specifying which ones are messenger RNA and what meaning they have.

It also requested that the ‘possible presence of graphene oxide’ or ‘nanotechnoligical elements’ be reported.

In another order it is required that the notion that the vaccines are ‘experimental or not’ be certified and substantiated as well as present “what is scientifically known – and not known – about the effectiveness of those labelled as vaccines.”

Furthermore they were asked to provide official figures that “demonstrate the negative or positive incidence of the so-called vaccination in the number of infections and deaths diagnosed with covid from the beginning of the campaign to date ” as well as studies“aimed at explaining the notable increase in deaths from covid-19 as of March 2021 in comparison to the previous year.”

I am sure the below screenshot will help but I also feel that this VAERS data is also part of the counter-narrative. It is a European database controlled by the same European Medicines Agency and this says it all. Hence I feel that it does not reflect the true death count and injuries of the Covid-19 vaccines. I have remarked about this in a past blog already. But for the sake of numbers I have inserted this screenshot:

Finally the judge requested that the global average age of those who died in Uruguay with covid-19 be detailed as well as how many of those deaths were solely due to the disease.

The former candidate for the presidency and anti-vaccine exponent of covid-19 Gustavo Salle Lorier celebrated this judge’s summons. On the 2ndof July 2022 he tweeted: “Historic ruling in Uruguay a true ‘judicial Maracanzo’ judge orders the Government to show the vaccine contract and multiple investigative measures such as a statement from Pfizer authorities.”

Explanatory video of Judge Recarey’s ruling on:

Though these court rulings are positive I do question if they are part of the counter-narrative which is also being controlled by those in charge of the narrative in order to make us believe that the courts are doing something. And yet so far no beneficial outcome or a stop to all this current madness has risen from such rulings.


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