Another claim that a father died thanks to the booster while others are questioning why has the rate of psychosis patients tripled post-vaccine roll-out.

I am bringing to the attention of the readers a conversation taken from Facebook which is also related to the Covid-19 vaccines.

[Can someone declare by how much has the rate of those taken to Mount Carmel hospital increased?

The last time I heard from Dr. Grech was that at Mater Dei the psychosis rate has tripled.

Do not take any anymore.

They killed my father with the booster.

Speak up. Talk about your experiences because they keep on saying that it is not true. If you are not going to speak up no one is going to know! And I am truly sorry.

What is psychosis? Psychosis is when “a person’s thoughts and perceptions are disturbed and the individual may have difficulty understanding what is real and what is not. Symptoms include delusions and hallucinations (seeing or hearing things that others do not see or hear).”

I presume that in the conversation above one of the commentators is referring to the Psychiatric Unit at Mater Dei which caters for such patients. Now of course I do not know if there is any correlation between the fact that psychosis has tripled post-vaccine roll-out and the same vaccine and if this is the case why? Could it be that the fact that a person’s health deteriorated thanks to the vaccine with other dire consequences his mental health was also affected? Time will tell…

Yet in this conversation we have another first-hand experience of someone whose father died thanks to the booster.
I am here to ask all those who are either suffering from post-vaccine adverse reactions or whose family member/s have perished after taking the vaccine to speak up.

You can create your own support group.

Seek any kind of professional help – whether it is psychological legal or emotional.

Keep your vaccine certificate as proof for the dates of its administration and then add any other medical diagnosis receipts medication together with their dates and anything else that you had to incur because of the adverse reaction caused by the same vaccine. Log everything. Keep a file.

If you had any family member who died post-vaccine administration get his or her files. Keep all the proof.

It is time you speak up. Do not fear. Fear is a weapon used by the government in order to control us.

It is time we stop being afraid. It is time we roar humanity back to life.

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