The front cover of The Economist of the 1992 edition already showed humanity the plan to change its genes via vaccines.

An edition of 1992 of another Globalist-sponsored magazine “The Economist” portrays a front picture showing a vaccine carrying the DNA and entitled “Changing Your Genes”.Changing your genes. – Abstract – Europe PMC

This should now not come as a surprise or even shock considering that thirty years later we have had the roll-outs of the gene-editing mRNA Covid-19 vaccines and human microchips.

I believe it is reasonable to say that this has always been their strategy since the 1950s when pioneers like Julian Huxley and Alan Turning introduced the concepts of eugenics and transhumanism.

They always prepare you for what is ahead.

They always tell you what they are planning.

They always warn you. It is just that we are kept way too busy with work and commitments to understand what is going on behind the scenes. Or even still we do not take such signs seriously especially considering the fact that they are sold to us in a way that sounds beneficial and progressive for humanity.

Genes and DNA were given to us by God and they are not meant to be changed by any human invention especially by corrupt billion-making companies. We are not experiments. We are a sacred creation of God.

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