A quick scientific trip with Pfizer – how it started vs how it is going.

The following clip loaded on Twitter shows five different clips of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla giving information about the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccines and boosters throughout the pandemic. Each clip features Bourla talking on various television programmes. The transcript with my own observations is below the following clip:

First Clip on NBC News Exclusive:To the question “Can vaccinated people still infect others with Covid?” Bourla replied: “But there are a lot of indications right now that are telling us that there is no protection against transmission of the disease.” [So why did they come up with two doses in the first place? What were the two doses made for?]

Second Clip on Exchange Exclusive:He said: “There is no variant that we have identified that escapes the protection of our vaccines.” [so two doses should have been enough no?]

Third Clip on CNN – Pfizer CEO reflects on 1 year of vaccinating Americans [and I add the rest of the world]: He said: “We need to come now with a treatment of 90% effectiveness personally it makes me very proud.” [Weren’t the first doses 90% effective then? So why were they put on the market and injected into the bodies of people? Why do they play these games with humanity? And why has medical schooling made us swallow the lie that all these man-made vaccines of past and present are preventive when none of them is 100% effective? They might as well leave my free natural immunity intact and do its God-given power to do its job.]

Fourth Clip on Yahoo – Omicron continues to drive rise in global Covid-19 cases:He said: “And we know that the two doses of the vaccine give very limited protection if any. [And suddenly these such awaited doses came down to 0 protection.] The three doses with the booster offer  . [Why not full protection as he boasted before?]

Fifth Clip on CBS Face the Nation:He said: “It is necessary a fourth booster right now. With the protection you are getting from the third [gentle reminder that he had said that the protection is “reasonable”] it is good enough actually quite good for hospitalizations and deaths [meaning it is 100% sure that with the fourth dose you will end up in hospital and die]. It’s not that good against infections but doesn’t last very long.
What does all this mean? It means you took four doses for nothing. Now you need to take the fifth dose as the previous vaccines offer you no protection except for adverse reactions and possible death. The conclusion is that they are fooling around with humanity and the sad thing is that they literally do it in plain sight by saying all this on air.

Remember that there were individuals who took all four doses and still got Covid! But since these four doses were completely ineffective he is now selling you Paxlovid which I am sure will be as ineffective as these other four doses. And please remember that your government used your own money to sign a deal with them to give you these vaccines granting them immunity from liability if anything goes wrong.

In other words the families of those in Malta who died after taking the vaccine cannot sue these companies for compensation.

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