The Covid-19 vaccine is causing testicular cancer.

In the German football Bundesliga there have been an unexpected number of cases of testicular cancer in football players over the summer.
The licensed players department at Union Berlin conducted a full prophylactic check-up for potential testicular cancer disorders on players and administration of the 1 FC Union Berlin team. As the Köpenickers stated on Friday “without exception ” the entire team accepted the offer from the club and the Berlin Charite.
A similar diagnosis was previously done on defender Timo Baumgartl who had just started training again after undergoing successful chemotherapy and surgery for cancer at the beginning of the month.
Since the beginning of the year testicular cancer has been detected in 14 professional football players in Germany including 5 of them playing in Bundesliga (Major League) clubs. “In July Bundesliga professionals Sebastien Haller (Borussia Dortmund) and Marco Richter (Hertha BSC) were diagnosed with testicular cancer. While Haller has to undergo chemotherapy and will be out for months Richter is back in the Berlin squad against Borussia Mönchengladbach just five weeks after the operation.”[1]
Is it normal to have three young German federal league (Bundesliga) football players diagnosed with testicular cancer in three months? Will we see other players of other clubs and teams being diagnosed with testicular cancer or maybe other types of cancer? Will we witness more screening of other players of other clubs teams and leagues?
Are these players vaccinated? Wasn’t there pressure and mandates on players to be vaccinated in order for them to be granted permission to get back to their sport and play in leagues for which at times travelling is needed and for which they had to present their vaccination certificate?  Players could not afford not to and opt for a swab test because if they had to be found positive they would disrupt the team once forced to quarantine. So taking the vaccine would have brought forth a smooth process for them and their team.
Doesn’t this show that Covid-19 vaccines are causing cancer as well? Will the world see a rise in cancer this year and in the coming years? How many people who have been diagnosed with cancer some with cancer at its later stage are we hearing of post-vaccine roll-out? How many more people who did not have cancer are suddenly dying of cancer post-vaccine roll-out are we hearing of? How many vaccinated people who were already suffering from cancer had their cancer worsened and even died from it are we hearing of?
Dr. Luc Montagnier a Nobel Prize-winning French virologist stated the following when it comes to Covid-19 vaccination programme:
“I will try to mitigate the enthusiasm for this vaccine project.  It is a long-term project and we are asking people to accept immediate use but acceptance is a mistake because 

we risk having absolutely unpredictable effects for example cancer. This is the risk when playing sorcerer’s apprentices.
Animal studies have been done but not enough to predict what happens when they are used on people. 

Man cannot be used as a guinea pig.  Children cannot be used as guinea pigs it is not ethical.

We cannot predict what will happen 2 3 4 5 years after vaccinations.  I will not get vaccinated.  For Covid I would not get vaccinated.  If I have any symptoms I would take azithromycin and plaqenil.”[2]

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