The Club of Rome’s Limit to Growth is actually a limitation on humanity to grow.

As I wrote in another blog The Club of Rome was concerned about the future of mankind and tried to find out how our life on Earth will develop and how to ensure a future worth living in.

One of the original members of the Club of Rome is Professor Dennis Meadows. He is also a co-author of the book “Limits to Growth” and the first to be assigned with such studies. In an interview in 2016 he said that “‘Limits to Growth’ was not the goal of the project. The goal was a very big scientific report and Limits was written as an afterthought”.

“Limits to Growth” is the summary of a complex study on the key question “What will our future look like if the world population keeps growing” and “industrialisation pollution food production and exploitation of natural resources continue unabated”? It asserts that as we grow richer there’s rising concern about pollution our ability to feed the growing population and fears that we may run out of fuel and metals.
Following economic growth and increasing prosperity in the fifties and sixties the upward trend seemed unlimited.  So the Club of Rome simulated the seemingly limitless in a complicated computer model with revolutionary results.

In the same 2016 interview Meadows also stated that “What we said is that exponential growth will take us to the limits very soon. Actually if you look at our book although we showed many different scenarios all of them show that growth stops sometime in the period of 2022 let’s say 2060 so soon”.

So according to the Club of Rome growth reaches its limit in 2022 because the planet’s wealth is limited. The unabated use of oil and natural resources clearing of forests and overfishing will result in the extinction of species and the disappearance of landscapes. It also envisaged that there is a limit as to the co2 that our planet can take without any long-term damage.  Is it another coincidence that we are going through all this in the same year mentioned that of 2022? So who was actually behind the Club of Rome?

“Limits to Growth” was the basis used by all ecological movements founded in the 70s for their reasoning.

Meadows and his team used a computer simulation in the Massachusetts Department of Technology to look at the problems that they thought humanity was facing and analyse in broad terms the direction in which our world was or is heading. They used a computer because predictive modelling systems are essentially a mathematical computation of criteria that come in all shapes and sizes.

But was this World3 computerised computation used to simulate the consequence of interactions between the earth and human system based on the work of Jay Forrester of MIT as described in his book World Dynamics? This is because their research and publication have more as a basis the computation offered in the 1798 book of Thomas Malthus’s called “An Essay on the Principle of Population as it affects the Future Improvement of Society”[1] which in a nutshell has the following mathematical formulation also known as The Malthusian Theory of Population:

In the 2016 interview Meadows continued to state: “So now what will the current ideas about green industry and qualitative growth avoid collapse – no possibility absolutely no possibility. Why won’t we avoid collapse? Well many reasons but one of them is that globally we are something like 60 or 70% above sustainable levels even making very optimistic calculations about what is sustainable.”

Notice that the wording being used again is “green” and “sustainable” especially when “sustainability” has become the slogan of politicians in modern development and environmental policies. [If one looks at Malta’s construction industry and the filth that curses our island one realises that this word is just stuck on our politicians’ tongues.]

According to Meadows going “green” and “sustainable” is not enough. [Of course it is only a fake and part of the plan of the Great Reset.] He said that it is absolutely not possible for all countries to continue with the level of energy consumption and the degree of material welfare. [No wonder now we have energy blackouts coming…] He added that the ideal scenario would be to change the cultural and social norms in an attractive way for an attractive future with much lower energy and material use but this is not possible even though the Western leaders of the industrials are desperately trying to do everything they can to maintain the situation we were before 2022. So Meadows says that it is impossible to avoid the collapse.
The thing is that this collapse is being brought on purpose to limit humanity in its growth.


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