A 59 year old Italian doctor Dr Giovanni Antonio Coan made fun of anti-vaxxers and said they will be the masters of this “flat planet” once all the vaccinated die off.  His campaign against anti-vaxxers had started since 2017 since being a medical stooge of medical schooling he thought that what he was taught was biblical and that the common non-medical folk do not have a right to be against vaccines.

One can then imagine how he lashed out against the non-vaccinated and the so-called anti-vaxxers during the Covid-19 vaccine campaign. He also joked that he might actually die in Summer! Here is a post of  his dated November 2021:

Guess what? The news of his death was announced on the media portal Il Nuovo Diario on 2ndApril 2022[1]. His funeral was set for Monday the 4th. It seems he predicted his own death knowing that the so-called anti-vaxxers have warned that the Covid-19 vaccines will cause injuries and deaths. Surely his prediction came true.

His death caused deep sadness in Imola where he worked as a doctor as well as in clinics in the Santerno valley and in Faenza where he was a family doctor at the house of the health of Castel Bolognese and Riolo Terme.

Born in Milan in 1962 he moved to Imola at a young age and completed his high school diploma at Valeriani high school. He was a medical graduate from the University of Bologna where he specialized in homotoxicology.

The news of his death brought great sadness to his former patients and colleagues who remember him as a kind and gentle man [except for the way he lashed at the non-vaccinated and so-called anti-vaxxers.]

It is clear that he took the Covid-19 vaccine. Maybe he should have listened to the anti-vaxxers. Maybe he should have listened to his Spirit which is also the Spirit of God as we read in Corinthians 2:14:

“The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.”

Mocking the unvaccinated and so-called anti-vaxxers seems to be a bad idea as karma has a knack at rebounding itself.


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