It is not shortages we are staring down at but we are staring down at food and water elimination by design.

In another blog I have touched on the topic of water shortages which was one of the topics discussed in the World Economic Forum’s meeting at Davos last May. The World Economic Forum’s website has now become flooded with articles about water shortages the water crisis and what must be done for this to be taken care of because it wants “to help close the gap between global water demand and supply by 2030 ” an article which they had published on the same website back on the 18thof June 2021 entitled “We’re helping to close the gap between global water demand and supply”. Sadly though I had seen and read this article just two weeks ago and took note of it now it is nowhere to be found. Its omission must have had a very valid reason.

Then since August 2022 other articles were published on the same website under the heading “Ensuring sustainable water management for all by 2030.”[1] According to the WEF the world is running out of water and if we keep using freshwater as we are now we will experience a global shortfall of 40% by 2030. According to them humanity is overusing and polluting water. So for them to secure water for us the established 2030 Water Resources Group is addressing this daunting challenge through public-private-civil society collaboration and innovation.

This global partnership incubated at the World Economic Forum is hosted by the World Bank Group so that it creates neutral platforms for leaders and institutions to work together.

They also explain why businesses must work together to alleviate the global water crisis[2]because water scarcity is one of the greatest challenges of our time.[3]

This is all sweet talk in order to keep on fuelling the fear-mongering and furthering the 2030 Agenda. But since they plan it then water shortages start coming into existence. Because for one to have a solution and a plan one must have the crisis first. So first they create the crisis and then they create the solution. And the solution must be a burden and carried on humanity’s shoulders.

The WEF’s partner in crime the UN has now also issued a warning[4]“that the water levels in Lake Mead and Lake Powell are at their lowest ever and are getting perilously close to reaching “dead pool status.”[5]It stated that millions of people in the Western United States face reduced access to water and power as two of the country’s largest reservoirs continue to dry up inch by inch.

And this won’t only have dire consequences on the supply of water but also on agriculture which is supplied by the lakes’ water for irrigation purposes. The lakes also provide electricity to tens of millions of people across seven states.

United Nations Environment Programme ecosystems expert Lis Mullin Bernhardt said that the conditions “have been so dry for more than 20 years that we’re no longer speaking of a drought.” The climate crisis and overconsumption of water are to blame the U.N. says.
Of course they must blame something and this something to be blamed must be something which has been caused as per their claim by humanity.
And talking about these two lakes being important for agriculture and how it will affect its irrigation system according to a US government-funded study a computer model showed that global warming would cause more evaporation and thus the solution would be to stop using water to irrigate crops for animal feed. And thus their solution was to start the culling of millions of animals. The source from the same WEF’s site which happened to have been published in 2019 states:

““One way to alleviate the pressure on water basins would be to reduce irrigation for farming ” the scientists said ” adding that “the agriculture sector can consume more than 75% of water in the United States.”[7]
Nothing to see here except the obvious – that farmers are cutting crop production because of water shortages. This means that the Globalists are driving traditional farming and ranching out of business.

They seem to know so many things before…
With regarding the same lakes according to a top federal water official Camille Tuoton of the Bureau of Reclamation the Colorado River’s reservoirs have declined to the point where major water cuts will be required next year to reduce the risk of supplies reaching dangerously low levels. “Federal officials now believe protecting ‘critical levels’ at the country’s largest reservoirs – Lake Mead and Lake Powell – will require much larger reductions in water deliveries.”[6]

These are not shortages we are staring down at but we are staring down at food and water elimination by design.


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