It is important to stay human and that we don’t allow the manipulative statecraft to get us to betray each other.

On 25thMarch 2022 Bergamo News announced the sudden death of Stefano Garavelli a 45-year-old bodybuilder and bouncer described as the “gentle giant” who died in his sleep and whose lifeless body was discovered by his father. The subheading of this media portal stated “A sudden illness probably a heart attack stopped him. On Saturday morning the funeral in Verdello.”[1]

Was Garavelli in favour of the Covid-19 vaccine? Did he take it? Yes he did as his Facebook posts show:

24th February 2021: “Perche` in Israele il vaccino te lo puo’ fare anche l’ambulante per strade e qui in Europa e tutto cosi complicato? Perche`? [Why is it that in Israel a person can get vaccinated in the street but here in Europe everything is complicated? Why?]

14th March 2021: “In Israele ti vaccinano al bar. In Russia se vuoi allo stadio a guardare la partita. Perche` in Italia siamo sempre cosi` in dietro?” [In Israel you get vaccinated at the bar; in Russia if you go to the ground to watch a game. Why is it that in Italy we are always backwards?]

23rd March 2021: “Ci scommetto le balle che noi saremmo gli ultimi ad uscirne.” [I swear that we will be the last to get out {of the pandemic – while referring to an article of TGCom 2 whose headlines read “Covid “vaccine effect” in London zero deaths the first in six months.”}]

13th April 2021: “Il piano vaccinale e` tecnicamente Perfetto. Peccato che o mancano I vaccini o li bloccano. Oppure li ignorano totalmente (sputnik)” [The vaccine programme is technically perfect. What a pity that either there aren’t enough vaccines or they block them or they are completely ignored (sputnik).]

16th April 2021: “Sto cercando di farmi spacciare per over 75 ma non funce. Non mi vaccinano.” [I am trying to pretend that I am over 75 but it is not working out. They won’t vaccinate me]. This refers to the fact that this cohort was one of the first to be vaccinated while others of his age were not. He wanted to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

18th May of this year saw the funeral of Matteo Zini a 41-year-old father of three children and a pharmaceutical researcher and analyst. According to the media StopCensura [2]he died in a few days due to a “sudden” cancer.  That cancer can be started in an inoculated person via the covid-19 vaccine is something that was warned in a statement by the late 2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine Luc Montagnier:

“I will try to mitigate the enthusiasm for this vaccine project. It is a long-term project and we are asking people to accept immediate use but acceptance is a mistake because  we risk having absolutely unpredictable effects for example cancer. This is the risk when playing sorcerer’s apprentices.”[3]

Zini’s saying was “I no vax vadano a cacare” meaning “The non-vaccinated can go and f*** themselves.”

It is very important that we all rise above all these attitudes and that we stay human and do not allow manipulative statecraft to get us to attack each other.


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