For how long can the government keep on using the taxpayer’s money in order to subsidize the energy and fuel prices? What will the taxpayer need to pay in return?


wsbook has reported that “Minister Miriam Dalli did not explicitly rule out an increase in energy prices in 2023 as she insisted that government will continue to offer “stability.”[1]Our government has a special wand that currently global governments don’t have…

Newsbook clarified that our government “has been spending heavily on energy and fuel subsidies: with the electricity subsidy expected to set the government back a staggering €250 million this year and possibly reach as much as €400 million next year if present subsidies are kept”.

This matches with the Times of Malta’s reporting that “Sources said the cost of the government’s policy to subsidise utility bills is expected to amount to about €250 million by the end of the year as the price of purchasing energy from the European power grid remainssky high.”[2]

Both media portals blame all this on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. I stand to correct this narrative. The Globalists require war with Russia so that western nations sabotage their electoral grids and internet and blame it on Russia. So the Globalists need Russia as an enemy so they can save the day. This is not Russia attacking. This is the Globalists behind the Great Reset.

Both media portals point to the fact that Minister Dalli could not promise whether energy prices will remain stable or increase in 2023.  Dalli said: “we will continue to monitor the international situation while offering solutions to our families.”

But the Times of Malta adds that “Enemalta projects that the subsidies could cost the taxpayer something between €300 million and €400 million to keep consumer prices stable throughout 2023.” This is contradictory to the lack of guarantee that Minister Dalli gave according to both media portals.
Will prices remain stable throughout next year or not? Considering all the turmoil that other countries are going through when it comes to energy and power prices for how long can the government keep such prices stable? Considering that TOM reported that according to a senior government source “forecasts drawn up by the state utility provider Enemalta show that the €200 million budget will be eaten up in ‘a few weeks’” for how long can the government [actually all those contributing with taxes on this island] keep on pumping millions?

We now learn that a number of infrastructure projects that were to be fully funded by national funds will be put on hold as the government works to contain the rising cost of electricity.[3]Such a shame that the bronze monument with a value of €80 000 which was inaugurated in the Citadel on the 23rd of August was not among those works which were put on hold!

It is clear that it is either like this or else we must get used to living without electricity and prepare ourselves for winter blackouts like other European countries are doing since very few will afford to pay their bills with higher tariffs.

Environment Minister for Ireland Eamon Ryan remarked that this coming winter is set to be a “dramatic and difficult period in energy” [hence why it is called “dark winter”] because of price hikes.  He also admitted that there was a “heightened risk” “due to the rest of Europe’s energy being ‘tight’”.[4]So why does our Minister’s statement differ?

And where is the inoperative opposition the PN? Did it put itself inside a comatose state in a caravan? During Covid-19 this site was the only one preparing the nation for what is ahead while the PN who has a role to serve as a watchdog over the government has never come up with an idea or a solution and opposition. Instead it tags along.

This site has often asked if gas prices and energy prices will rise following what is happening in other countries. Robert Abela has promised to keep power costs the same despite rising prices.[5][6]Dalli did not explicitly say this. Do we have a government that knows what both hands are doing or not? For how long can the government keep using the taxpayer’s money? For how long will national funds do?

My concern is what will be the long-term cost of these subsidies on the taxpayers? What will the Maltese nation have to sacrifice in the future in order to make up for these millions paid out in subsidies?

To conclude I would like to ask Minister Dalli and the government to explain this.

Considering this spike in energy prices and the fact that the government is following the same global agenda and joining European governments in regulating AC usage and the dimming of public buildings why haven’t electric cars been banned or stopped? Why is the government getting us to buy electric cars when the price of electricity is skyrocketing? Isn’t their charging also a burden on the electricity grid as the following photo from the series “” shows?


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