Whoever digs a pit will fall into it and a stone will come back on him who starts it rolling.

Rosano Bruno a mountaineer and photographer from Val Maira to which he has dedicated several publications guides and calendars and who even managed to survive a heart transplant in 2016 died suddenly due to a “sudden illness” in his home at the age of 68 years on the 6thof April 2022.[1]

Rosano Bruno was vaccinated. How is this a fact? This is because to the question “The topic of the moment is vaccines. What do you think?” in a previous article on 20thOctober 2021 by Cuneo Trekking[2] in which he was interviewed he replied:

“Medicine saved my life should I be hesitant about a vaccine? I cannot assess whether it is right but if the same people who saved my life advise me I do it with my eyes closed.

I’ve already taken the third dose. I think it’s the only way to free myself from slavery. Freedom is taken away by the no vaxxers: if we were all vaccinated there would be no green pass.”

Here one can also read a comment by himself in which he rants against the non-vaccinated which states:

“Che poi basterebbe che voi novax non andaste a piagnucolare in ospedale per un “semplice raffreddore” visto che pur essendo solo il-10% della popolazione occupate le terapie intensive per l’80%”

[Then it would be enough for you novax not to go whining to the hospital for a” simple cold “ given that despite being only 10% of the population you occupy 80% of the intensive therapy unit.]

So this man survived a heart transplant at 63 years of age in 2016 climbed mountains after taking the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in 2021 and in 2022 he is found dead at home and his death is described as a “sudden illness”. What was the differentiating factor in between? Taking 3 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

On 22nd March 2022 Italy was shocked by the death of 26-year-old Andrea Dorno the young captain of the Atletico San Lorenzo basketball team.  The media portal Il Corriere della Cittaexplains his passing as “ prematurely and suddenly leaving everyone who knew him in complete pain.”[3]

What was the common factor? Dorno took the vaccine. In a post two months before on the 15thof January 2022 he wrote:

“Nuovamente in quarantena. Tutto sommato con la tranquillita` che solo il vaccino puo` darmi e il non poter andare a lavoro sto decisimante una pacchia. Ma starei ancora meglio se al lavoro la quarantena fosse considerate malattia e se i tamponi ce li pagasse superMarioDraghi.”

[I am quarantined again. All in all with the peace of mind that only the vaccine can give me and not being able to go to work I’m definitely a godsend. But I’d be even better if at work quarantine is considered an illness and if superMarioDraghi paid the swab tests for us.]

In an article dated 3rdApril 2022 the media portal Il Centro[4]announces the passing of 72-year-old Mario Aurelio Di Gregorio. He was a past professor at the University of L’Aquila where he taught in the Faculty of Human Sciences until 2020. The media states that he passed away due to a long illness without giving more details.

But this same professor had written in a comment on his Facebook timeline:

“John Stuart Mill e` probabilmente il piu` grande pensatore liberale e la mia principale ispirazione. Nel suo essay on liberty ci dice che ognuno adulto e` responsabile di se stesso e del suo comportamento. Stato e societa` non possono impormi di essere virtuoso e anche sano se non voglio (liberta` di alcol e droga). Ma ci dice Mill c’e` il DAMAGE PRINCIPLE E NON POSSO FARE NULLA CHE DANNEGGI QUALCUNO. E` evidente che chi va in giro non vaccinato danneggia gli altri. Bertie Russell ci ricorda che la scienza e` approssimativa ma meno di altri sistemi e ci sono rari casi di errori.”

[John Stuart Mill is probably the greatest liberal thinker and my main inspiration. In his essay on liberty he tells us that each adult is responsible for himself and his behavior. State and society cannot force me to be virtuous and healthy if I do not want to (freedom from alcohol and drugs). But Mill tells us there is the DAMAGE PRINCIPLE AND I CAN NOT DO ANYTHING THAT DAMAGES SOMEONE. It is evident that those who are not vaccinated and walking around us are harming others. Bertie Russell reminds us that science is approximate but less than other systems and there are rare cases of errors.]

This comment shows that this professor was in favour of the Covid-19 vaccines while reserving harsh words against the non-vaccinated. He took the vaccine and passed away. What was the common factor again?

“Whoever digs a pit will fall into it and a stone will come back on him who starts it rolling.” [Proverbs 26:27]


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