The mainstream media is attempting to normalize the adverse reactions and early deaths that the world is witnessing in people after they were coerced to take the death vax – part 1.

The mainstream media has aided and abetted the pandemic throughout from becoming a propaganda machine for the governments scaremongering pushing the jab and publishing death after death of young and healthy people without even questioning. So did the Tell-A-Lie-Vision.

Then the media started giving statistics on how many are supposed to die from heart attacks or stroke in the next few years.

On 25thJanuary 2022 The Mirror reports: “Hundreds of thousands of over-55s are suffering from a silent heart conditionwhich could kill 40 000 Brits in the next five years” and that the “NHS will be unable to diagnose and treat the estimated 300 000 people living with aortic valve stenosis.”

Analysis found that many will be undiagnosed and that “around 10 000 of these deaths will be among 55 to 64-year-olds with 29 548 among 65 to 74-year-olds” with hundreds of thousands of Brits dying over the next five years to 2024.[1][any reason except the clotshot]

On 26th April 2022 The Independent reported that according to a recent study the number of people with heart conditions that might cause strokes has increased in a “staggering” way. The study found that the condition now outnumbers both those who have heart failure and those who have been diagnosed with the four most common types of cancer—breast prostate lung and bowel.[2][any reason except the clotshot]

But starting as from late 2021 up till now which coincides with post-Covid-19 vaccine roll-out the news of the mainstream media started going round the script that everything can give you a heart attack a stroke or a blood clot or cause early death except the Covid-19 vaccine. According to the media you cannot do anything now without risking any of these. And they even always come up with the research here the study there and expert here and experts there. No post-mortems either. This is the new normal that the media is creating in their episodes of “Any excuse for cardiac and other issues but the clotshot.”

On 20th September 2021 The Irish Times reports that according to a  new study physical activity may hasten your risk of a heart attack “because physical activity may lead to a quicker build-up of plaque or calcium deposits in the coronary arteries”.[3][make sure you become a couch potato].
On the 12th of December 2021 Express UK reports that studies have warned that people who habitually skip breakfast are more likely to suffer from a heart attack.[4][make sure you always have breakfast].


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