Ireland has committed to reducing transportation emissions by putting 1 million electric vehicles (EVs) on the road by 2030 but this goal is still far from being met.[1]More than half of the Irish people are sceptical about this target “with two-thirds believing upfront costs are the biggest barrier”. Governments are ignoring the affordability issue.

How ironic is it that despite having fewer mechanical components and a lower cost of production than gasoline and diesel vehicles auto manufacturers have artificially inflated the price of electric vehicles!

EVs are expected to make up to 60% of new automobile sales by 2030. They are being sold to us as one of the solutions to “save the environment”.
EVs are powered with lithium-ion batteries and the secret of portable rechargeable power lies in these batteries. But an article by Euronews entitled “South America’s ‘lithium fields’ reveal the dark side of our electrical future” [2]shows us that mining this chemical element lithium is very harmful to the environment. So why are EVs being sold to us as “environmentally friendly” when their actual production comes at a cost?

Lithium extraction is very harmful to the environment because any resource exploitation of any kind is bad due to the possibility of soil degradation water shortages biodiversity loss harm to ecosystem processes and an increase in global warming if these basic resources are removed.
“According to a report by Friend of the Earth[3](FoE) lithium extraction inevitably harms the soil and causes air contamination. As demand rises the mining impacts are “increasingly affecting communities where this harmful extraction takes place jeopardising their access to water ” says the report.”

Water is also a primary concern for lithium mining operations since approximately 2.2 million litres of water is needed daily to produce one ton of lithium.  A report published in 2021 by the nonprofit BePe (Bienaventuradors de Pobres)[4]claimed that lithium mining activity “must be stopped until studies are available to reliably determine the magnitude of the damage.”

And yet it doesn’t matter that as reported by MSN “15 areas in a number of different counties are currently impacted by water shortages amid requests from Irish Water to conserve supplies in the coming weeks.” Irish Water said most of the company’s 750 water treatment plants are meeting supply demands and thus implemented tinkering and night-time restrictions in certain areas to ensure water keeps flowing to homes and businesses.[5]How “nice” of the governments to abuse water resources to produce environmentally damaging EVs while putting nations into water shortages.
What is more worrying is that according to The Telegraph “Electric cars will now be fitted with government tracking devices” “under proposals for a pay-per-mile road taxation system put forward by the Government’s own climate advisers.”[6]

“The Climate Change Committee (CCC) says the Government needs to find ways to cover the “significant hole” in the public finances left by the loss of fuel duty and other taxes when petrol and diesel cars are replaced by electric models.

On electric cars the CCC said a “sensible and fair” approach would see the costs covered by drivers rather than general taxation arguing that some form of “road pricing” is needed under which drivers are charged for how much they drive.”

So lest a significant hole in the public finances is created the governments are not only asking drivers to buy an expensive EV but they are thinking of charging the same drivers so that the same drivers do not “begin to assume that EV driving will always be tax-free”.

Lastly EVs are not the new addition to our roads as they want to make us believe.  For a brief period at the beginning of the 20th century electric vehicles actually outsold gasoline (and steam) cars in terms of sales. “The methods of recharging the cars are less well reported but as the below photo from 1912 proves some of the official charging points were amazing to behold. This “hand-cranked battery charger” is the epitome of what we’d now label “steampunk”.”[7]

In the USSR the very first electric vehicle oddly designed to be used as a garbage truck was also made earlier in the 20thcentury exactly in 1935.[8]
The following video shows hand cranking a 1916 Model T Ford ambulance:

There is a good chance that things in the world now are not quite as evolved as people think. It seems that the goons destroyed this earlier technology while destroying many other positive global growth.

I believe that the anti-driver anti-freedom agendas of the WEF and UN 21/2030 have persuaded automakers to raise the cost of converting drivers to buses and bikes. Every opportunity they get the pro-control fanatics use pseudoscience to advance restrictions on freedom.

This is the truth about the lies of the “green” energy and the “green deal”. There is nothing green in this green new deal.

We still have the capacity to push all this back; all we need to do is unite in a legal and peaceful manner to use this capacity and remind governments and these unelected bureaucrats that we not they are in charge.

[6]Electric cars could pay tax by the mile (

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