The European Union is working to remove online anonymity by requiring everyone to have a digital identity.

The European Union is working to remove online anonymity by requiring everyone to have a digital identity increasing online censorship to an Orwellian level and strictly regulating speech during what authorities perceive to be times of crisis (we always seem to be in the middle of a “crisis”) and more.

But not only the EU has such intentions. Additionally they are currently being implemented in the UK and Africa demonstrating how governments around the world are cooperating to implement a digital identity and social credit system right in front of your eyes.
Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama lobbied for the EU to back the censorship bill known as the ‘Digital Services Act‘ on Thursday April 21st 2022.

In a Tweet the European Commission wrote: “What is illegal offline is also illegal online. Now it’s a real thing – not a slogan anymore. This is what we have achieved: an agreement on the Digital Services Act that is even better than the proposal we tabled two years ago.”[1]

The Digital Services Act (DSA) calls for plans to restrict free speech on the internet during times of “crisis”:

The DSA also advocates for a “public electronic identification (eID) ” sometimes known as a “National ID card” on your phone and with roots in vaccine passports and “Digital COVID Certificates ” according to a previous article by Politico. Even though the eID is promoted as a privacy-protecting measure according to Politico “digital rights activists… worry the proposal could allow the private sector to better access people’s government-certified information thereby actually strengthening the likes of Facebook and Google and the targeted advertising industry.”

In the UK the new digital identity document verification technology (IDVT) was introduced on April 6 2022 allowing businesses and public entities to share data for the purpose of identity verification. Employers landlords and renting agencies in the UK now have access to it allowing them to use it to digitally conduct pre-employment criminal record checks right to work checks and right to rent checks.

The UK government has been working with the EU other international leaders and other organizations to also implement a social credit system. A new app that purports to “assist people to make positive changes to their nutrition and physical activity” was released by the Department of Health and Social Care in January 2022. In the pilot program participants wore wrist-worn gadgets that could generate individualized health advice such as walking more eating more fruits and vegetables and eating smaller portions. Users purportedly accumulate points for actions the government deems healthy which unlocks “rewards.” These benefits according to the government include “gym passes clothing or food coupons discounts for stores cinema tickets or theme park passes.”

Italy is also about to introduce a similar program in Bologna in the fall of 2022 unveiled on March 28 by Bologna Mayor Matteo Lepore and Councillor for the Digital Agenda and Civic Use of Data Massimo Bugani. According to the regional daily Bologna Today residents who follow the climate change agenda by exhibiting “positive behavior ” such as properly recycling or taking public transportation would be rewarded with bitcoin and discounts at nearby merchants.

Also several progressive NGOs in Europe are urging people to utilize software modelled after China to report instances of racism hate speech and “digital violence” to them to help them in their fight against alleged hate speech with one group using a smartphone app inspired by China to entice people to report persons who violate socially progressive values.

The censorious NGO HateAid has urged the public to report instances of what it refers to as “digital violence” to them using the organization’s specially developed software after becoming well-known in the German media thanks to its participation in a recent sting operation conducted against the police.

Der Spiegel reported that the investigation led by “ZDF Magazin Royale” and supported by HateAid revealed that some law enforcement officials either failed to act swiftly enough on instances of online “hate speech” that were brought to their attention by those involved in the operation or even recorded them in some instances.[2]

Doesn’t all this show that indeed Covid-19 is just a skirmish with a clear agenda behind it that is not aligned with any Constitution? Isn’t the big battle now also turning into one against censorship control and growing global totalitarianism?


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