Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is the new cover up for Covid-19 vaccine deaths in the medical establishment.

On 7th June the Daily Mail has reported that “Healthy young people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly from a mysterious syndrome – as doctors seek answers through a new national register.”[1]

The media portal tells us that a heart check-up is being strongly recommended for anyone under the age of 40 who may be at risk for Sudden Adult Death Syndrome(SADS). The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners said that SADS is an ‘umbrella term to describe unexpected deaths in young people’ most commonly occurring in people under 40 years of age. The media portal adds that this term is used when a post-mortem cannot find an obvious cause of death.

Regardless of whether they lead an active and healthy lifestyle the SADS disease has been fatal for a variety of people.

Melbourne’s Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute is developing the country’s first SADS registry.   A spokesperson stated that ‘There are approximately 750 cases per year of people aged under 50 in Victoria suddenly having their heart stop (cardiac arrest).’

‘Of these approximately 100 young people per year will have no cause found even after extensive investigations such as a full autopsy (SADS phenomenon).’

Cardiologist and researcher Dr Elizabeth Paratz said: ‘Baker’s registry was the first in the country and one of only a few in the world that combined ambulance hospital and forensics information.’

‘(It allows you to see) people have had the cardiac arrest and no cause was found on the back end ’ Dr Paratz said.

She believes the potential lack of awareness may be due to the fact ‘a lot of it takes place outside of traditional medical settings’. According to Dr Pierre Kory there is no doubt as to what is causing SADS if we just look at the professional football players. With 1024 collapses and about 780 deaths so far in young healthy footballers from around the world in 2021 the average number of cases of sudden death in athletes each year across the world is 29. Just in January 2022 there were 127 collapses and 87 deaths!

According to Dr. Paratz 90% of these SADS episodes take place outside of hospitals where the person does not make it meaning that most of the victims are really cared for by ambulance crew and forensics. She adds that doctors are only seeing the tip of the iceberg because they are managing to see only 10% of survivors who manage to make it to hospital.

“Dr Paratz said that from a public health perspective combating SADS was ‘not as easy as everyone in Australia getting genetically screened’ as scientists were still not 100 per cent clear on ‘what genes cause this’.”

Is it possible that this rise in sudden deaths in young (and older) healthy people is related to the Covid-19 vaccine? The mainstream media is refusing or is not allowed to connect the dots and give the public the truth. If someone young and healthy dies unexpectedly it is improper to ask about their vaccination status because that question was only asked for certain occasions like entry to restaurants but is not being asked in relation to this rise in sudden deaths.


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