The Swine Flu Massacre was just another test run – 16,000 died thanks to the Swine Flu Vaccine (8)

They would collapse, their respiratory and cardiac systems irreparably damaged. During the American Legionnaires’ convention, the Negro put a relatively weak concentration of nickel carbonyl into the Bellevue Stratford Hotel’s air conditioning system. The scientists had generated a weak concentration because it was a test. Instead of trying to murder every person in the building, their goal was to see if it would indeed have the potentially lethal effect that test animals had indicated it might. Many of the Legionnaires grew ill and eventually perished. Following that, the health officials made public the information that they had passed away from a respiratory infection.

The test showed that a concentration of nickel carbonyl 10 times greater than that employed at the Bellevue Stratford Hotel would kill everyone in a sizable modern building, which pleased the scientists. The authorities maintain that they are unsure of the etiology of the “Legionnaires disease” to this day. The federal government is harmful to your health, as patriot J. Anthony Morris attempted to tell us. It is imperative that all citizens are made aware of the fact that federal public health authorities, high on drugs and sporting long, flowing hairstyles reminiscent of Trotsky, have masterfully executed a series of mass murders in the United States.

History has been repeated with COVID-19. More is to come. You have been warned and you are being warned.

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