The psychological operation behind Julian Assange – the guy who fooled many (13)

Here are screenshots taken from the footage of Assange being taken away from the embassy:

What do you notice? So we have BBC News claiming the video. But they truly got it from Ruptly, which is a subsidiary of RT! Where do you think Ruptly is based? None other than Berlin. A coincidence? And who is the guy in the cream suit taking the video or photos? Is it Vaughan Smith of The Frontline Club?

However, why did the Ecuadorian government decide to remove Assange after having up with him for seven years and making numerous attempts to send him to Moscow?

The socialist president of Ecuador at the time Assange initially entered the embassy in 2012 was Rafael Correa, who had lessened his nation’s dependency on the IMF and World Bank. Rather, he formed alliances with other African socialist nations.

President Correa with Hugo Chavez
President Correa with Rual Castro
President Correa with Fidel Castro

In 2009, he also had a meeting with Russian President Medvedev, at which time they signed a number of contracts, including energy and military ones, and talked in favor of a multipolar world.

President Correa with Russian President Medvedev

He traveled to Moscow in 2013 to meet with President Putin and to negotiate additional trade deals and obtain a loan, among other things. According to Putin, Ecuador is “one of our most important Latin American partners.”

President Correa with President Putin

Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, was the honored guest at Correa’s inauguration. One characterised Correa’s approach to the United States as “confrontational.”

Ecuador’s support of Assange and Wikileaks is hardly surprising, considering that most of the revelations are directed at the US government.

Additionally, former president Correa has had a program on RT since 2018, despite the fact that he currently resides in Belgium in order to evade being brought back to Ecuador to serve an eight-year sentence for corruption.

What was the reason given by Ecuador’s president Moreno, back in 2019? Here is his statement:

“Granting or withdrawing asylum is a sovereign right of the Ecuadorian state, according to international law. Today, I announce that the discourteous and aggressive behaviour of Mr Julian Assange, the hostile and threatening declarations of its allied organization, against Ecuador, and especially, the transgression of international treaties, have led the situation to a point where the asylum of Mr Assange is unsustainable and no longer viable. Ecuador sovereignty has decided to terminate the diplomatic asylum granted to Mr Assange in 2012.”

Was Assange’s rude (discourteous) and combative (aggressive) actions the actual cause of the incoming president’s decision to revoke his diplomatic asylum and force him to leave the embassy? President Moreno was more US-centric than Correa, who was pro-Russian and anti-Western. He permitted the US military to utilize the airbase on the Galapagos Islands in 2019 and secured a loan of almost $10 billion from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). As part of the IMF’s suggested austerity measures, he also fired 10,000 healthcare employees. The World Health Organization declared a pandemic the following year, and he issued a proclamation of emergency.

President Moreno with Mike Pompeo
President Moreno with President Trump

Vice President Pence met with Moreno in 2018 and the latter promised to buy helicopters and military hardware. They talked about Assange as well. The next month, Moreno pulled out of their socialist coalitions in Venezuela and Cuba as well as other South American countries.

A 2019 dossier connected Moreno to Sinohydro, a Chinese business, and accused him and his family of money laundering, corruption, and perjury. The dossier was delivered anonymously to Moreno’s opposition. Moreno asserts that information for the dossier came from Wikileaks. Where did they get it, I wonder?

Assange was sent to Belmarsh high-security jail following his “departure” from the embassy—a move that now makes more sense.

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