The psychological operation behind Julian Assange – the guy who fooled many (12)

When Snowden asked live to Putin on a television RT broadcast “Does Russia intercept, store or analyze, in any way, the communications of millions of individuals?” this was Putin’s reply:

“Mr. Snowden, you are a former agent, a spy.” Wait! Did we hear right? Snowden is a spy? Is he a Wikileaks/Assange/Chaos Computer Club linked spy for who? In 2022, Edward Snowden became a Russian citizen after living there since 2013.

Assange was supposedly given Ecuadorian citizenship four years later, in 2017, while he remained in the country’s embassy. With diplomatic immunity, he would have been able to travel to the embassy in Moscow without worrying about being arrested. Although “the Ecuadorian opposition lawmaker, Paola Vintimilla, who opposed her government’s decision to grant Assange nationality” produced government paperwork to confirm it, Russia labeled the article as “fake news”.

This is the government file which shows legal support for the decision to grant Assange Ecuadorian citizenship. The first one is the original in Spanish. The second is its translation, in English.

In the below, the first in Spanish and the second in English, we can read the confirmation of Assange’s appointment as a diplomat at the Moscow embassy:

The UK vetoed Assange’s application for diplomatic status, as was to be expected.

Unfortunately for Assange, Ecuador decided in April 2019 that he was no longer welcome, and so his time at the embassy came to an end. So another attempt to escape to Russia was unsuccessful.

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